Tutorial Monkey Jam

Monkey Jam It is a program that allows animations frame by frame, that is, from a sequence of images that make up the final journey of a movement and burn standard video formats. This form of animation is known as (English) Stop Motion. It also allows to take images from a video input or from a camera and save them on your computer. What is the animation frame by frame The stop – motion or frame by frame animation is a technique that involves moving objects appear static capturing pictures of them. It is also used after the filming of small movements separately, remaining in the final edition of a motion. As clear examples of its potential can name the movie “Wallace Gromit,” “The Nightmare Before Christmas or The Corpse Bride.” The images that follow show the series of photographs that were used to make a little video with this technique. We must bear in mind that the technique gives a smooth visual results, ideally working with 24 frames per second of movement but this number can be varied with different effects. Taking pictures The program only works with cameras that enable digital video feed in real time. “

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