The virus present in our daily life, disease and Technology

VB: Biological Virus VI: Computer Virus The VB are composed of nucleic acids that contain information (or malware VI) sufficient and necessary for using the acids from the host cell (infected by the VI program) can reproduce themselves. VB does not have the proper metabolism, so show no activity outside the host.This also happens in the VI, for example, if the machine is switched off or if the virus is found on a floppy disk that is inside a drawer. The size of a VB is relatively small compared with the cells they infect. With the VI is the same. Both the VB and the VI cause damage to the host. Both viruses initially participate covertly and without knowledge of his guest, and usually become evident after the damage is too high to be corrected. The purpose of a VB (as science) is the reproduction and eventual destruction of the host as a result. That of the VI can be many reasons for its creation (by the author), but also end up destroying or otherwise altering its host. Both viruses contain the information necessary for replication and eventual destruction.The difference is the way to contain this information: in the VB is a genetic code and the VI is binary code. Support information is also shared by the two “bodies”. In the VB support is provided by the DNA or RNA (support staff). In the VI support is a magnetic medium (inorganic). Both viruses are spread in various ways (and rarely all of them). In the case of VB its spread through the air, water, direct contact, etc.. The VI can be propagated by introducing an infected floppy disk into a computer sound (and running the infected area, of course!), Or vice versa RAM healthy infected floppy disk, or directly drawing a flow of electrons: modem, network, etc.. In both cases it happens that the reproduction is of type replica of the original and whose accuracy depends on the existence of mutations or not. Both entities comply with the standard of medical epidemiology. The origin of an entity is generally unknown, but what is unclear is that the VI is produced by humans and that the VB are entities of biological origin, and ultimately of human origin (biological). They are undoubtedly many more analogies can be found by further analysis of both entities, but that would transcend the limits of such participation. The idea is to just make it clear that there is no strange, dark or supernatural reason to give explanation to a VI. It’s just another program, that any of us could conceive … with appropriate tools and intentions of the case.

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