The Pupil

The education is only capable to distribute the income. Well-being is to make a country whose capital is the knowledge. The school of the interior of the state poor of the country must have the quality of the school of the capital of the richest Brazilian state. they need to have a next quality, until it can surpass to the one of the schools of the rich countries. Also he does not advance to increase the wage of the professor, if it will not be most formed and more dedicated. She is necessary to adopt a minimum standard of quality of the constructions and the equipment, as well as of the content in all the series of basic education in all the schools. What everything indicates, the only form of overcoming of the inquietante situation in which currently if it finds public the education Brazilian would be to not only approach the school of the necessities of the families, how much of its culture and the constructive processes gifts in the development of the child.

In the state schools currently, the pupil and the pupil if see debtors to coexist situations of violence, desperation and hopelessness, before which, the majority of the professors simply gave up, attending everything as mere spectators, without perspectives of a humanizado and harmonious future. In this manner, the relations between the people had passed second to plain, therefore currently what less it matters he is the other. Consequently, it is essential that parents and mothers are in tune with the pertaining to school and social experience of its children children, therefore this integration tends to enrich and to facilitate the pertaining to school performance of the child. Therefore, it is necessary that they are become accustomed to participate of the pertaining to school life of the children and children. For this, a viable alternative would be the division of responsibilities between the involved citizens in the process teach-learning.

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