The Path Of The Headlamp

The headlamp technology has evolved in recent years by the dim light, with a head holder for high-tech piece of equipment. Pass are the hard times of the vulnerable wires and kept empty battery. From the now almost limitless supply have yourself a few sound producers have emerged. It all started with simple LED lights on the key fob, which should be distributed some time much later, or the high-tech multi-LED lamps as light emitting diodes are cold and are manufactured from the microchip industry. In contrast to the light bulb, they only need one vanishingly small contribution to performance. For the traditional light bulb 95 percent of the added power output is irretrievably by heat! LEDs are based on crystals mixed with impurities. The circling around the atomic nuclei, electrons are thrown with the aid of electricity supply from its orbit, during re a piece of the power output is released as light. Diodes have a life performance of up to 100,000 hours. A conventional hold 15 to 100Hours, a light bulb around 1000 hours. When the LED is less heat in, thus the energy consumption is extremely low. The power consumption ranges from 0.1 watts to 5 watts is now in the outdoor area. Due to the small size allows manufacturers to develop highly effective forms. LED lights are ideal for mountain sports and outdoor sports. Who is a head lamp only for the hut, when read in a sleeping bag or as an emergency requires a lightweight lamp as the Petzl e + lite best advised. Still above the limits are probably the moment when the lupine WilmaX what light / performance ratio relates to an end. This provides a little sweet for some extras like multiple light levels, different power settings and an Alpine distress signal. Graupe Silvio

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