The cultivation of apple

This Parish is located northeast of the province of Chimborazo, there are a considerable number of growers, cultivators of the apple, it is considered about 300 hectares under cultivation and that most of the trees are located around Bayushig. The gardens consist of the variety “EMILIA”, with trees more than 60 years, according to information from the growers of the area. These trees reflect poor management in terms of plant health checks, pruning and fertilization, which is due to low production and now with the fall of the ashes of the Tungurahua volcano, ah much impact as the hot ash falls on the flowers and thus wither and fall, thus leaving the stronger and is washed when the rain comes, it has come to crack the block giving a low quality product.The average level of output in year 98 was between 10 and 50 Kg per tree now has been reduced to 60 , for the reason noted above, most of the apple production in the province of Chimborazo is Bayushig from the Parish. Fruit is a very delicious one of a kind, the person consuming it is amazed by its taste and texture.

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