The origin of the fair trade stores are located in 1969 when a group of opportunity young Dutchmen inspired by Max Havelaar, a character in a novel in the Netherlands from 1860 to recount the injustices of the trade cafe between Indonesia and Holland, took its name for employment the part time first fair trade shop solidarity, leading to a movement in earnest seeking development, now spread throughout Europe with large numbers of stores. In Spain there opportunities are currently around a hundred fair trade stores, which are part of this solidarity movement in our country which has not yet reaching development in other European countries. a premier global provider of talent management solutions that help clients to attract, deploy, develop, retain and reward their talent fosters values-based leadership, encourages open-minded dialogue among business and thought leaders to share wisdom to overcome challenges together Thus, job centre the barometer of consumption of the Eroski Group Foundation highlights of the year 2003 that only one in five Spaniards know exactly what is fair trade, while in Holland, Belgium or Germany, 90 of the population if known temporary . Unfortunately the situation that led to the mobilization of those young Dutchmen had not improved since. The difference in consumption level among the countries of North and South is reflected when we consider that 20 of world population but consume 86 favored resource, while the poorest 20 consume only 1.3 . In a consumerism-oriented society, when buying a product only if we consider the quality and price we are concerned, almost no one asks under what conditions has been produced, if the wages paid to employees is appropriate, if their production respects the environment or has mediated child exploitation. This adds to the trade inequalities between the South and North, where staffing this brand of game rules (competition and maximum profit at any price), at the expense positions of that which is the source of raw materials and cheap labor, so retail that the South graduate is increasingly impoverished. Consumers who raises these issues and is committed to Fair Trade is an alternative to the usual relations of North-South trade and a way of pressure in the areas of economic decisions, because consumers play a leading role in trade. Large companies can escape government control in many countries, but they always have a strong presence of ‘market trends’. It is the buyer in charge. It is therefore important to know the consequences of our demands and realize that we share responsibility for social and ecological effects of production. In this way, customers would pay a higher price for the ethical value-added products. Of course it is impossible to always have a global vision of all the products we consume, but initiatives in Europe was a gradual path toward responsible consumption. The aim of the Fair Trade organizations is to reach a future that all trade is well and find a fair trade model that traditional companies can adopt. vacancies In the traditional North-South trade, the price is careers set by the multinationals. In many cases these have influenced the small farmers to focus their production on a given product, which become dependent, abandoning their traditional production and being helpless when the multinational is low prices or to buy admin the products to another area. Moreover, in cases assistant in which lower the price received by producers, this decrease is never benefit the consumer because this is never lower the price, leaving the profits in the hands of dealers. Keep in mind that no company gives away nothing. If you are offered very low prices offered is that the margin will be recovered. You maypay hiring the real bill the weakest, a worker who lives thousands of miles and had to accept a wage that allows them to live, or near-live. In Fair work from home Trade, the price engineer of goods is set recruitment by the producers, not unilaterally.

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