The Artist James Rizzi

Born in Brooklyn, New York, studied the American artist James Rizzi at the University of Florida Art. Well, during his studies, he occupied himself with the combination of painting and sculpture and 3D graphics, for which he was later known. 1974, after completing his studies, he first presented his work at New York’s Brooklyn Museum to the public. After initial steps in the public his work became increasingly popular and was followed by many exhibitions in famous museums and galleries. James Rizzi busied himself over the years not only with painting but creating CD covers, porcelain, or even phone cards, as well as entire buildings, such as the Happy Rizzi House in Braunschweig. His style was distinguished by this very colorful and cheerful colors, childlike and naive subjects and radiates out from an almost ebullient optimism. Often his work is the subject of New York and its inhabitants to attack. In 3D graphics, through which he became particularly well known, objects are duplicates of the picture and with the help ofFoam bridges re-applied to the original image. The work passes through many different production phases, beginning with the first drawing with Rizzi’s ink, and screen printing of the originals, up to secure the objects on the “second level”. The viewer thus gets the impression that the image would consist of two levels, which are offset from each other. Rizzi was known in Germany through his great social commitment. Proceeds from various events and the sale of limited edition works donated Rizzi on such occasions in support of victims of devastating natural disasters or needy children.

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