Text Formatting

Translator – provides professional translation from any language into English and Russian and other languages. If a client travels frequently, it helps to understand a foreign language and will do so to your wishes were clear and recorded during a stay in another country. If necessary, in the process of business negotiations, presentations, reports The client can use simultaneous, consecutive, technical, and colloquial translation. Organizer of any measures at all levels, from home parties to formal meetings, corporate and sporting events. Operator information service – available to help desk operator are all sources of information, with whom he trained to efficiently handle. As soon as the urgent need to know phone number, address, event program, the client gets the information quickly and without any effort. Services: Services Secretary Receive / send fax Send email Sending sms messages Schedule a meeting Write text dictation Text Formatting: Word (1800 characters including spaces), Excel (the number of pages in preview) Reminder / alarm clock Information processing in the client's mailbox, checking your mailbox, deleting spam: Information Services Background information on Moscow and the cities of Russia and overseas addresses, phone numbers, schedule of state institutions.

Exchange rates, schedule of transport. For more information: contact person in the company, the terms of cooperation, etc. Information: movies, concerts, clubs, theater, exhibitions, sport news on the topic. Find detailed information about product / service (point of sale, price, equipment, etc.). Weekly newsletter with a description of all significant and interesting developments in the field of cinema, theater, Music and Sports (Event Calendar) Book order in Moscow, Russian cities and abroad A table in a restaurant 5 * (best restaurants) in order for the day Friday., Sat, Wax. / per day on weekdays Order table in a restaurant five * on weekdays in the day Order / week table at a restaurant on the day of the order of day / day in order to output Sports halls, tennis courts, billiard tables, bowling lanes in a week on weekdays / weekends for the week Sports hall, tennis courts, billiard tables, bowling lanes in a routine day of order / our option (in case of failure of armor in the desired location) Sports halls, tennis courts, billiard tables, bowling lanes in a Fri.

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