Neck Week

He hears them vague. The length of a child of 14 cm, weight 200 g. Your child-sized potato. 19-Week. Child's growth slightly retarded.

It starts with the formation of fat, the most important heat source for newborn – at the base of the neck, behind the chest, around the kidneys. Lungs develop, increases blood flow, increase the bronchial tubes, but if the baby is born prematurely, the lungs are not able to function for several weeks. Eyes still closed, but the child is already distinguish between light and darkness. Strong light is directed at your stomach, enters the uterus and the baby turns in toward the light. At the 19th week, your baby has a growth of 15 cm weight 260 grams – as a small zucchini. 20-Week.

Now your child – a tiny man with the hairs on his head and tiny nails on the fingers and toes. He yawns, sucks finger plays with the umbilical cord, the boys were often seen playing with his penis. In girls, the uterus is formed by the 20th week, but the vagina yet. 20-week baby weighs 320 grams and 16 cm growth in the 21 th week. The nervous system of child developed so that he can swallow amniotic fluid. Most of the liquid is absorbed, and the solid material (largely fallen away skin cells) pass into the rectum, where it remains until birth, when it launched the first contractions of the intestine. In the gums are the beginnings of permanent and primary teeth, they can be seen on the ultrasound.

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