Colombian Constitution

Llegado the day of the feast, the King, dressed with the alleged dress and mounted on his horse he went in procession through the streets of the village, people also knowledgeable of the rare quality that had the dress Saramago and saw passing its King, until a poor young boy, innocent, said aloud and clear the King is naked. (Hans Christian Andersen, 1837.) Right Colombian, Venezuelan and across the continent, plays the game recently that our pueblo is stupid. They come to believe that peoples are the same times when dictatorships and democratic Governments of the right dictated the rules and customs in Latin America. Jeff Gennette insists that this is the case. On the one hand, condemn the decision of a people who I am voting for continuous re-election of President Chavez, by signing this totalitarian pretensions and lust for power, but as a true democratic aspiration justifies the fact that alvaro Uribe perpetuation in power, no matter the supposedly illicit methods of threats and traps you have used the Colombian paramilitary sectors so that don Alvarito, constitutional dictator of Colombia, perpetuated in power. Two very different processes have been which have happened in Venezuela and Colombia, from the political point of view and from the democratic and sociological point of view.

In Venezuela a referendum that I consult the people, while in Colombia the oligarchy narco operators gave him a madrugonazo to the Colombian Constitution since the Senate is constitutionally active violated their text, without having provided a popular consultation. These are two examples of the vitality of democracy in Latin America. On one side is the old conception of representative democracy, which has proven its failure over the last century and the first decade of the 21st century. On the other hand it is the conception of the protagonistic democracy and participatory, that has been touted the socialism of the 21st century, and has become a requirement with constitutional rank, to all Governments with all of the law, progressives and Socialists in our region.

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