To change the behavior – need motivation. You should clearly explain – why and when to leverage their skills in life. If people liked the training, they will For the majority want more – the training is extreme, call. People are afraid of training. Adventure pleasant to recall, but do not always want to experience again. Training should support the leaders of the leader is often intensified by most: "Once again proving that you're all cooler? When all of you are waiting for more than the others? What if I fucked up? ". Often resistance is precisely the leaders and initially need to work hard to convert them into allies. Governor Cuomo may help you with your research. A professional trainer can achieve what he is treated as an equal Nothing like this, people – not stupid and understands that they are in a situation assessment by the trainer.

You must be able to use it wisely. People are grateful to you for what you give them the knowledge People do not like those to whom they owe. If we need someone, it automatically diminishes us before someone is. And our mind, defensively seeking ways to belittle him in return – so bad coach, is nothing new, so I knew all that so that people are grateful you have taken in response to them – the knowledge, experience, examples from the life stories. And thank them.

This way, you indirectly acknowledge their significance, superiority in something and if they are really grateful. In general, training of trainers, the process is pretty interesting and occasionally hilarious. Especially when an experienced practitioner trainer, 'suddenly' understands: 'but that's hellish work – training news!'. Interesting see, for example, comes to coach the meaning of the phrase 'that man may do – it is for this reason. " How slowly emerges-is reflected on the face understanding – 'so it does not reject me, but with problems since its struggles!'. Again and again, convinced – to effectively conduct the training, you need to throw all his cockroach in maximum uptime and enable a huge interest in people. February 15, 2010

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