Turkish Coffee

The more people especially kind to the 100 grams of coffee, which he carefully boiled with his own hands for 10 minutes, stirring and adding your favorite spices, than to the liter of coffee brewed in a hurry in an electric coffee maker. In fact, there is a volume of Turks do not play a decisive role, much more important than the shape and material Turks main parameter of matter at the choice Turks – thermal conductivity: the higher it is, the more evenly heated coffee that you've probably already realized, very important. Among the metal Turks qualitatively distinguished copper and bronze Turks, they have the highest thermal conductivity. The inner surface of the Turks should be covered with tin food, otherwise there is a risk of poisoning the metal. So I do not recommend buying a cheap iron for Turkish coffee. Not a very pleasant poison, and even a mediocre coffee .. By popuyarnym also include clay and ceramic Turks. The first is hardly suitable for beginners coffee people: the point is the clay, thanks to its porous structure, excellent coffee absorbs, 'remembering' thus its palatability.

Therefore, in such a Turk, you can cook only one kind of coffee flavor when mixed grades deteriorated and all Dignity in a coffee Cezve taper off. So if you're not ready to buy the Turk for each grade of coffee (although clay Cezve and are the cheapest), then you should choose a copper or ceramic Turk. Last not inferior to his 'coffee' characteristics Cezve copper, coffee, get excellent, but, of course, will serve you much less copper Turks, because ceramic can crack even the Turks at the premises of its inaccurate the sink. In addition, ceramic Turks are the most expensive. In addition to pens that said, the choice of Turkish coffee to pay attention to the length of the handle: the longer the handle, the easier you will use the Turk. Handle material should be as good conduct heat (and because you can burn the same!), Probably a wooden handle with a metal rod is the best option. Such a handle and will last longer and will not give its owner burned, and there are Turks, and with a removable handle that is very useful when washing it. I hope I helped you make the right choice for Turkish coffee! It is pleasant to you 'pokofeynichat'!

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Sewing Clothes

Sewing clothes for order does not relieve you of responsibility for the choice of style suit, but on the contrary, it even adds, because you are free to choose whatever you want. The only nuance. The cut should be chosen based not only on your aesthetic preferences, but also of the features of your figure, which previously would have been nice for myself to determine. Let's talk about how the relationship can affect the proportions of the upper and lower body parts to choose from styles of dress. In order to determine how you relate to the legs and torso, we first need to know where is the waist. Look for it in the navel. Now try to visually determine that the longer torso or legs, and perhaps they are the same.

In that case, if the legs and torso are approximately equal in length and proportions, your shape is harmonious. For you, there are practically no restrictions on style of clothing and fabric types. The only thing I would like to warn against making an imbalance in the visual image. And this can happen if your height is 168 cm below and you wear slacks, or you are above 183 cm, and prefer tight pants. This example shows how you can mess up good natural gifts inability to pick up his clothes. If your torso is shorter legs, try to increase her wardrobe in the number of wide trousers, preferably of textured fabrics or fabrics with pictures. Do not wear jackets with high collars and small buckles.

In casual clothes do not try to fill in trousers shirt and t-shirts. If the trunk is longer than the opposite leg, try to zip up jackets for the top buttons, T-shirts shirts tucked into trousers. You should give preference to the narrow trousers and short jackets. Sewing clothes for order suggests that the result will be an ideal costume to sit on a piece and decorate its owner. But there will be Do so in reality depends, among other things, on you.

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