How To Rent A Car

All reputable companies who give car hire, as a rule, have their own websites where you can easily find out all the terms and prices returning the car to rent. Most of the companies who give car rental in Minsk, are usually intermediaries, so renting a car from them will cost you more. By the way, the western companies who give car hire, offer discounts that can reach up to 40%. So, in order to take the car rental in Minsk, you will need to driver license international standard, the driver must be fulfilled 21 years of driving experience must be at least one year. It is best to take a car rental in Minsk or in any other city or country pre-book it online.

It should be remembered that the cars are divided into class, so booking a car hire you, first of all, book your car a certain class, rather than a specific brand. Classes are designated auto letter of the alphabet, including class "A" is the cheapest. If your arrival to the class of ordered cars will not appear, then the firm must give you a car a class above and for the same money. Taking a car rental in Minsk, and in any other city, the first thing you should check that all the scratches and defects have been made in the contract, a check-list. Otherwise, it may happen that at the time you have a car pay for all those scratches and defects. Further, care should be taken when applying for insurance.

We need to clearly examine who and what is insured and under what conditions. It should also be careful to make sure that is not deductible exceeded the value of the car. The rent cars are not usually included some taxes and fees, consumables and VAT. When taking the car rental in Minsk or in any other city in the lease is prescribed, who will be drive a car, so if you want to keep it at a time, then it should be noted in the contract. Also, when taking the car hire, pay attention to the fines. Even if you broke the rules in another country, especially in Europe, where video surveillance is common on the roads, the receipt can reach you by mail. Better pay, otherwise you may be denied a visa. Often when auto rental companies require credit cards for payment, that is for them additional guarantee of solvency of the client. So ask in advance what kind of cards that are accepted by the company. When taking the car rental in Minsk or in any other city or country, the amount of rent paid at once. Also, companies often block a certain amount on a map which will be unlocked after the settlement with the company. At the end of lease terms required to pass a car representative of the company by filling in this sheet inspection car, which must be signed by both parties and is closed. You must also remember taking a car for hire, what if an accident happened to you or the car was stolen, then you must in the shortest possible time to inform the firm. If, however, when taking your car rental there was broken, then all the costs of repair lies with the company. It must be remembered that all documents relating to the rental car must be stored for several months.

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