The Initiative

Of course, they had been repeated frequently osencontros. Now it also took the initiative of the search. They very liked to deconversar. They were seemed in some things. in what they differed if completed naverdade. Five or six weeks correramassim, One day, being in a store in the center of the city, I do not know well where it was, it saw it to enter folloied of the sister, and estremeceu. It looked at for it; if she oconheceu did not say it in the face, that if showed impassvel. Of another time going to the market, she gave with the eyes in the beautiful young woman; but she was the same that she looked at herself for the nothing; amoa was not moved; it did not modify in nothing its beautiful face.

It intrigued that it. Would have elefeito something of made a mistake? It would have it hurt of some form? It left that the end of semanaacabasse to make contact. He was curious to understand that behavior. The hours seemed sluggish, as if they dragged and they delayed to pass. Second fair arrived. Clock looked at parao. It was still early. As he was anxious.

It bound thus exactly. For suasurpresa, exactly that hour, it took care of. It said who to precisavamconversar. The voice of it was not of the best ones. A distant tone if perceived. Eleconcordou and suggested a meeting. It accepted. Still she had that to face all tomorrow. The meeting was in the end of the afternoon. The worse hypotheses populated suamente. How it could be so pessimistic? Two hours before it already seencontrava in the marked place. He played to count regressively to kill otempo. He added the numbers of the plates of the cars that passed for the street. Of tudofazia so that these interminable one hundred and twenty minutes passed.

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