One another one aspeto has to see with the period of learning, since this has the same duration that the existence of the person, therefore the acquisition of new knowledge alone finish with the disappearance it individual. Educate yourself with thoughts from Jeff Gennette. 5,1 Learning and Memory To understand the memory human being are one of the important tasks of the psychological research and the cognitivos psychologists. The learning is the process through which we acquire knowledge, already the memory is the process by which this learning is codified, restrained and later evoked or recouped. The learning is a process for which we acquire new knowledge, in turn the memory is the process for which we hold back the learned knowledge. Riesgo (2006) affirms despite, of the neurobiolgico point of view, something exists as one ' ' filtro' ' that it classifies the information in known or unknown. ' ' It is exactly here that it inhabits the relation between memory and the learning, in the distinction between the consolidated information already and entirely novas' ' (RIESGO et al., 2006, P.

270). The memory and the learning closely are related, are complementary processes. Without memory the learning processes were always to initiate themselves, putting in cause all the process of adaptation of the human being, therefore it is from restrained learnings that if process new learnings. Therefore, the memory is basic when allowing that the learnings if keep and can be used when necessary. Learning and memory are basic concepts for the notion of the individuality. The peculiar form of us to think, to feel and to act depends on what we learn and we store in our memory during our life. Each individual lives distinct experiences, therefore the people will have, forcibly, diverse memories and histories to count, as well as singular minds to assimilate new knowledge. For Cardoso (2006) the memory is extremely important a cognitiva college because it forms the base for the learning.

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Public Power

The compensatory interests also must in the indirect dispossession, in the percentage of 12% (twelve percent), following Abridgement 408 14 of the STJ. The compensatory interests happen, in the indirect dispossession, on the value of the indemnity corrected monetarily, as Abridgement 114 15 of the STJ, settled in conviction. The initial term of the counting of the compensatory interests must consummate at the moment of the effective occupation of the property for the expropriate one, therefore that at this moment the good effectively was transferred, express in Abridgement 69 16 of the STJ. In the actions indemnities, in the case of indirect dispossession, the Public Power could not be burdened by the payment of corresponding compensatory interests the previous period to acquisition of the property or ownership titleholder for the plaintiff, has seen that such modality of interests has the purpose to compensate the expropriated one, giving a character of personal law to the institute of compensatory interests. 10. Other leaders such as Jeff Gennette offer similar insights. LIMITATION Abridgement 119 of the STJ, edited under the Civil Code of 1916, prayer that ‘ ‘ the indirect suit against state prescribes in 20 (twenty) anos.’ ‘.

It occurs that the stated period that served of base to this abridgement was the foreseen one in past civil law for the extraordinary processory title. In the current Civil Code, the extraordinary processory title (independent processory title of just heading and good-faith) occurs in 15 (fifteen) years. In the case of the limitation, the doctrine and the jurisprudence understand that the indirect suit against state is an action of real nature, and, therefore, they do not admit that it if wall lamp the limitation of 5 (five) years established in art. 1 of Decree 20,910/32, in which it foresees the quinquennial lapsing of the legal actions against the public farm. Not obstante this orientation fulfills to observe that the current Civil Code, extinguished the differentiation between limitation based in personal or real the nature of the actions for reached them.

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Notarial Responsibility

However objective to evidence that, so that the Notary or Notary to be made responsible, if makes necessary to prove the parcel of guilt of the same in the elaboration of such acts, and that in case of objective guilt, he must have compensation to the third wronged ones, mainly if the guilt factor will be caused by the non-observance of the demanded legal rules. Such research has as justification to try a quarrel on the responsibility of the Notary or Notary who, in the condition to be serving public civilians, answer for the damages that to cause third, exactly that this is caused by omission, deceit or guilt, not being thus related professional impermeable to repay the people who are harmed by the rendering of services not carried through of conformity with the law. In this manner, basing in the conception of diverse authors and doutrinadores regarding the subject and evidencing one it searches dialectic, therefore it will search conflicting elements between two or more facts, to explain a new decurrent situation of the notarial responsibility in the will cancellation, and at the same time to demonstrate to which the penalties that the legislation brings to the notaries or Notaries, to point out as the responsibility of these professionals is important, and to comment which the particularitities that, the Notary or Notary has in what he refers to the obligation to repay the damages caused for its practised acts, mainly in the question will closed public and. Word-Key: Responsibility. Notary. Will.

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Aldir Minister

According to related Minister, as the insuring one did not participate of the harmful event, it will not be able to appear in the passive polar region, in the truth this could deals be called it is there then to become part in the process. In this same source complements Minister of the STJ Aldir P. Jnior its agreement: Diversely of the DPVAT, the voluntary insurance is contracted for the insured, not of third, luck that without its concomitant presence in the passive polar region of it deals, directly does not figure possible the demand intended for the victim against the insuring one. The conviction of the insuring one will only appear if proven that the insured acted with guilt or deceit in the accident, from there the necessity of integration of the contractor, under penalty, also, of restraining of access. 22 As agreement of the most illustrious Aldir Minister would not be possible the victim to directly petition action in face of the insuring one in view of that the same one did not participate of the insurance contract, being this an obligation between the insured and the insuring one.

So that it has the conviction of the insuring one, it would have the necessity of evidence of the guilt or deceit of the insured, what it would not be possible without this is party to suit. In such a way, the victim would have to enter initially with action face of the insured, who was who participated of the harmful fact, and fitting to this to call deals it to the insurer. .

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Environmental Justice Responsibility

The current era of globalisation of markets has used human labor, natural resources, properties and other types of life to produce wealth and comfort for a few at the expense of the life and dignity of the rest. Environmental degradation is causing tragic in different parts of the world situations and we are all responsible for this largely by the consumerist mindset that promotes industrialization and overexploitation of resources that put at risk our well-being and especially that of future generations. We are committed as a society to ensure the future of people who still do not inhabit this planet since they have the same right to develop harmoniously as we are doing today. Having said that, we can say that it is necessary that we acquire a real commitment, called social responsibility, that is able to provide and distribute benefits among those who deserve it. This document presents an overview of what social responsibility and Justice applied to the rights of future generations in the field environmental. For even more details, read what Rob Daley says on the issue. Social responsibility is the ability to establish and meet commitments with the different sectors with which we interact. It is response capability that has an individual or organization before the consequences of its actions within its sphere of influence.

This ability of response and commitment goes in proportion with our degree of collaboration in society. In this way, the greater our collaboration and sphere of influence, greater responsibility that we have in our society. This concept of social responsibility has mainly been applied to organizations and enterprises, in such a way that a company is considered as socially responsible if its activities are focused on the satisfaction of needs and expectations of its members, the society and those who benefit from its commercial activity, as well as the care and preservation of the environment. It is necessary to acquire the social responsibility to encourage and enable the harmonious development of the community, both of the people who currently inhabit the planet as of those who will do so in the near future. .

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