El Salvador

Brief history: since we got to Miami, we met at a meeting of the Rena Ware company Ms. Additional information is available at henry yaschik. Adela Siman. Until today the Sun has been our friend and protector, giving us unconditional support. On one of the visits to your home we invite you a coffee with milk and a cake delicacy to accompany him. Investigating with her about this recipe, put us in hand of his Salvadoran countrywoman Ms. Elba Gamez, who very jealously stores prescriptions in the style of the grandmothers, i.e. in an old notebook. The Lullaby as he is affectionately called us quote one morning to make us the delicious Quesadilla meal of rice, a cake that customarily eat half of morning or afternoon snack in the afternoon accompanied by coffee in El Salvador. We hope you like it as like us. Grace Nana. Ingredients: 3/4 pounds of flour of rice 3/4 pound of sugar 1 pound of cheese white Paisa 1 and 1/2 teaspoons of powder Royal 4 eggs seeds of Sesame 1/2 Carton of cream of milk (Hevy Cream) 1/2 cup of milk liquid preparation: place the cheese in the food processor; grind until it is shredded to unify the separate milk cheese separate the whites of the eggs; book the yellow egg in Blender put clear them and beat them to the point of snow; then incorporate the yellow robe slowly up to unify ingredients in a large bowl mix rice flour, powder royal incorporate the mixture of eggs to flour mixture; remove up to unify all the ingredients add the milk with the cheese mixture and continue stirring up to unite all ingredients finally add the sour cream and mix until the preparation is uniform Preheat oven to 375 degrees put the mixture in the molds previously greased and floured let stand 20 minutes bake for 15 minutes or until golden remove from oven surface and spray with sesame seeds Once cool, cut into squares of equal size write us to or contact us at our website: original author and source of the article.

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Hunger Zero

Nstor Rivero us remembers, that Argentina produces 10 times the foods that consumes, but is much people, and children, who die of hunger. Brazil 8 times, and is equal. And Latin America, 3 times which needs to consume, except for Haiti, Dominicana and Panama with production problems. " There is no excuse so that there is hunger in our region, the problem is the model of concentration of wealth and maldistribution of the entrance. Although we improved, the goal is to exile the undernourishment from now until 2025&quot gradually; , it indicated to the Newspaper Bugler the representative of the FAO for Latin America and the Caribbean, Jose Graziano Da Whistles. Ex- person in charge of the plan Hunger Zero in Brazil, Gives Whistles said, that in the region there are 53 million of undernourished by poverty (of them, 20 million are young), within the 216 million poor men, 42% of the population. " The low poverty and countries like Argentina that did a surprising work these years in nourishing security, Brazil, Cuba, Costa Rica, Chile, Colombia or Ecuador improve. But the rest not as much, and is a subject that does not require high costs we have food surpluses but changes of policies pblicas".

The FAO indicates that the governments do not know where they are the poor men, those that pass hunger. Sometimes the mother of children hides subnourished it by shame. And they are those organizations those that know, are involved in the searches of solutions directly. Also they criticize, for example the mst by the delays in the agrarian reform. Or they warn generally on the environmental impact and of dependency of the model of transgenic production of soybean and, in Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. The FAO notices the necessity to diversify the farming production. Definitively, the governments must pay more attention to him to this serious situation, knowledge to administer their economic entrances efficiently, wealth that help to solve the serious problems that many countries confront, as the case of Venezuela that must invest its dollars, income for the health, education, house and mainly the production of its basic products and not depend on the import of these. Original author and source of the article.

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