Environmentally Conscious Building

Deals currently in any case with the topic energy efficiency build funding for the construction of an Energiesparhauses who builds. Energy-efficient homes are now the standard. Houses without energy standard are no longer built. Instead, more and more home owners deal with the topic of energy efficiency repair. Read more from Western Union to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Most homeowners or building families consult the KfW to funding opportunities.

However, what many don’t know there are other bodies and authorities, who financially support the construction or rehabilitation of power houses. Exists some programmes which can be financially strong depending on the energy standard KfW. Builders often have the choice whether you prefer use a discounted loan claim, to finance the construction, or whether they want to receive direct subsidies. At the most the KfW programmes, both is possible. In addition to the funding of the KfW most cities and municipalities offer funding also for private homeowners and building families on. Here, you can enquire at the District Office or the village. Local energy providers often advertise with financial subsidies that are issued for the commissioning of a new heating system.

Also building families or refurbishers receive subsidies of their respective federal province. In most cases, the funding are intended specially for families. However, more and more singles that build or renovate can benefit from land grants.

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Duren Germany Construction

The MESA GmbH from Duren as organiser is nationwide active news around the topics of building, housing, renovating and energy saving Duren – for ten years. What is more logical than to host a trade fair at the facility to the birthday? “And so it is from 3 until 5 October on the Anna Kirmes square: build residential remodeling energy saving”. Mayor Paul Larue has taken over the patronage. Up to 150 exhibitors will give everything on 8,000 square meters, the desire of tenants, landlords and building owners. With regard to the specialized audience measurement Becker and his 15-member team are more long no strangers.

In Rheinberg, Rheda-Wiedenbruck, Offenbach, Sinsheim and Hofheim, up to 250 exhibitors participate in the trade fairs. And rising! We contact craftsmen, service providers and professionals locally and submit an offer tailored to each”MESA managing director Wolfgang Becker explains the concept of the event. Over 80 percent of the exhibitors come from the respective region. This makes promote not only the local economy, but the concept is also a guarantor for a specialised audience. This idea is also in Duren large interest, numerous specialists from the region of RUR have backed up already a stand.

Each exhibitor receives free tickets in unlimited quantities. Roofing A’s customers are interested in at the fair also on the work of tilers B and maybe you come with stove specialist C in the conversation. The MESA measurement focuses on the area of energy savings”. It is the organiser at the pulse of time. Is it but, both to protect the environment and the wallet. Photovoltaic, heat pump, biomass or efficient insulation. Numerous experts offer everything that is important to this topic in theory and practice. These include also the hourly lectures on topics such as energy certification, energy and State funding. Here you can for the visitors in the truest sense of the word money… and as a result for the Exhibitor also. Neutral Consulting offers the Durener consumerism at the fair. The city of Duren will be not only hosts but also exhibitors. Also included is the Research Centre Julich. At a booth, the Center with its emphasis on and training opportunities will present itself. In addition, an expert of the Institute of photovoltaics on the use of photovoltaics in the housing will”speak. By the way: The MESA GmbH attaches great importance to a family-friendly atmosphere. Therefore children are looked after for free from three years on all three days with games and fun at the fair. So the parents quietly can inform themselves and the kids have a nice time with security. The fair at a glance: 3rd to 5th October 2008, opening hours: each 10 am until 6 pm venue: Anna Kirmes, 52349 Duren admission: 5 euro per person, children and teenagers up to 16 years free childcare: Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays free Exhibitor catalogue and lectures: free for visitors. More Information at Ursula Weyermann

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Asbestos Roof And Its Rehabilitation

Friendly and professional to remove asbestos roof as owner is a real estate facing a problem if this is covered with an asbestos roof. After the ban on the manufacture and the sale of this material first in Germany and then in the EU as a whole is it virtually imperative an asbestos roof to redevelop. See fender for more details and insights. Help a company such as the B.W.D Sanierungs-GmbH. This offers on its Web site (www.bwd-dachsanierung.de/ asbestsanierung.php) a comprehensive advice, create a free cost estimate and in the result of the renovation of the roof and disposal of asbestos. And that is urgently needed if the concerned real estate will be sold or converted. The problem with asbestos is, inter alia, that authorities approve more now without exception no conversion, about an outfit for the asbestos roof with photovoltaic systems.

Sense of the exercise for the authorities here is the removal of asbestos-containing ingredients from German society as a whole and their still contaminated Brownfields on real estate. Remain the Asbestos roof are sometimes partially no useful more as work prohibited. And the ban has a reason. Above all the dust from the asbestos roof and the processing formality is suspected to settle in the lungs and there in addition to the tobacco smoke as one of the most dangerous cause of lung cancer is. Though not only threaten serious cancers.

Other serious clinical syndromes are known. However, even a simple sales likely will be to the problem. The potential buyer will have to calculate its own financial and personal expenditure necessarily. So it might be worth so to make this investment themselves and to sell the property in the result at a price which is so far higher that remediation costs exceed the revenue. If necessary, a renovation on this way can be carried even profitable. “For a company to get involved, it is however also necessary where the necessary resources and Know-How” are available. Because of this accumulated dust and the concomitant exposure of humans and the environment can come in only with professional equipment and solid experience. It is also urgent to note that a negligent editing and this subsequent environmental impact to gesundheitlichen-or environmental damage for which costs you must then, if necessary, come.

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Construction Site Or Track: Always In The Fast Lane

PCI Nano Racingcup easy processing, faster construction progress, a flawless end result are things that inspire the construction professional. Combined with fast-paced fun of driving the construction chemicals manufacturer PCI Augsburg GmbH has been successful a successful event tour the PCI Nano Racingcup. During regional events in numerous locations in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland, processors and traders received valuable tips for the practice. The tour made a perfect blend of information and pleasure to demonstrate exciting locations such as the BMW Museum in Munich or the Eilers works in Hanover as well as the ability to own skill in the Racing Simulator. Launched on 10 April in Ingolstadt, Germany: over 150 participants sports park is found in the Audi and many took the opportunity to warm up in the PCI RaceRoom. Read more from Andrew Cuomo to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Also the following events in Nuremberg, Munich, Bern, Koblenz, Mannheim, Leipzig and Dusseldorf were a complete success. Total visited 2,000 construction professionals in Germany and Switzerland the regional events. 60 It even had fun: won the participation, on a two-day racing event in the BMW and mini driving Academy, Maisach. Source: technology at millennium.

There a technique training in the 211 HP strong mini now expects the winner John Cooper works with a top speed of 238 km/h effectively mixed the combination of interesting lectures, practical applications, and a high fun factor in the Racing Simulator immediately at the first event proved. The participants were enthusiastic,”Udo Sheikh, PCI – Sales Manager South forward. Because in addition to driving pleasure also technical know-how came not too short: how construction professionals construction damage for screeds or sure route large-format ceramic on critical substrates, was among other things on the agenda. PCI’s service technicians left in the wake of the lectures no question unanswered: were the products of the PCI Nano line demonstration stands and exchanged tips and practical theory a balanced mix of exciting and practical application experience with the participants. As I guess basically the partnership relationship with PCI, that still was strengthened at the regional event specialist wholesalers. This of course also applies to the contacts to customers who I could meet here”, says Lars Wichmann, Deputy Branch Manager of Keramundo. The Racingtour of construction chemistry specialist standing all along the line of nano driving enjoyment and expertise fully devoted to the Nano line. The PCI nano products are true all-round talents: all kinds of ceramic coverings can be safely and comfortably on any surface lay and grout.

Also features such as the laying of large-sized panels or translucent coverings can be easily implemented. In addition, all products convince by an excellent processing profile and a smooth consistency. This inspires also the building contractor of Erich Sillus: Nano line I find especially the bandwidth of the refurbishing of the concrete class to the laying and Grouting tiles. Is the whole thing in as an interesting location as presented at the PCI regional event It is perfect. the mix” Contact: Elke Tairan PCI Augsburg GmbH Piccard str. 11 86159 Augsburg Tel.: + 49 (821) 5901-687 fax: + 49 (821) 5901-459-E-Mail:

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English Association

Award at the Innovation Prize for architecture and soil In the context of the ‘Contractworld’ Innovation Prize was awarded on the occasion of the trade fair Domotex architecture and floor of the AIT. This is done in cooperation with the Hanover fair and aimed at producing innovative products from the areas of floors, floor coverings and flooring systems, as well as architects, interior designers and designers who are working in these areas. Recently Macy’s Inc. sought to clarify these questions. ALI Parquets received the award “Product of high architectural quality” for the brushed and factory-end treated solid wood parquet PreMass living here. A jury of renowned architects was impressed by the warm character, the feel and the authentic use of the product 100% natural material consisting of wood. Learn more on the subject from Governor Cuomo. The excellent collection PreMass living is a brushed, 10 mm strong solid wood parquet with tongue and pen and factory-applied finish.

The extra Brushed finish kept the naturalness of the wood and raises his structure, without a protection of the floor to do without. Maintenance is simplified compared to untreated or oiled structures. PreMass living is available in the oak, thermal ash, teak, Doussie and Iroko wood. This architecture and design competition was created out of the idea, not to award products and solutions that meet the demands and requirements of architects. Crucial aspects in the assessment are functional and creative quality, material authenticity and diversity of applications.

ALI Parquets meets these demands with all of its products. In addition to the award-winning collection of PreMass living, the company San Marino offers factory-end treated solid wood parquet in large variety. In all collections of PreMass and SuperPreMass line end treatment accounted for the construction site, because it is already sanded and painted at the factory. A precise four-sided Groove spring system merges these rugged bars when fully bonded they are routed to a completely flat surface. Thus, a variety can be implemented Verlegen EMU star; the Potential of the collection range from the traditional herringbone, dice or English Association, ship floor up to the modern Association. Thanks to precise processing and various variations, the creative freedom provided by style needs, short installation times, without any restriction. About ALI Parquets the traditional company, established over 60 years of experience in San Marino, produced exquisite parquet according to the highest standards and offers a variety of collections and types of wood, especially for residential and contract use. The 34,500 inhabitants of San Marino with its Constitution dating back to 1600 is the oldest Republic in the world. It is located in the middle of the mountains of the Italian Apennines. ALI Parquets is considered a pioneer of innovative products; as the first manufacturer, the company has brought a pre-finished solid wood on the market. PreMass is the collection. SuperPreMass is a high-quality innovation. Also this factory completely end-treated solid wood in the dimensions of a plank parquet It is available in different versions. More information about the company and its products:

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Federal Association

Security specialist for video surveillance systems and burglar alarms from the BHE the primion Technology AG, a provider of innovative safety systems, has been awarded BHE certified specialist for the installation of video surveillance systems and intruder alarms now by the Federal Association of the manufacturers and installers of security systems e.V. (BHE), for their skilled workers with the certificate”awarded. primion had been also already awarded the certificate for fire alarm systems of the BHE in May of this year. These certificates will receive nationwide only those companies that in addition to the use of standard products according to the relevant regulations to design their systems, install and maintain. Recently Governor Cuomo sought to clarify these questions. Trained staff, individual customer briefings, as well as a constantly available call for maintenance customers are a matter of course for the holder of the certificate. Through the predetermined BHE standards can compare the customer easier on security systems and know that in the context of reasonable price/performance ratio is operated. Primion Technology AG sees a confirmation of their performance in the areas of video surveillance systems, burglar alarms and fire alarm systems in this award. More information about primion Technology AG: primion Technology AG, based in the Baden-Wurttemberg Stetten am kalten Markt a global provider of innovative is the soft- and hardware-based systems for access control, time tracking, and integrated security technology. From development to production, design and installation to commissioning and the corresponding complementary services primion as a one-stop-shop offers”more than 5 000 customers worldwide solutions from one hand.

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