Daily Pay

The preconception, the lack of love, humanity and the fear generate an unreliability in the society, making with that if it all excludes that one that does not incase in a model daily pay – defined by the society. When a daily pay is had – concept formed on some idea, costuma to generate wrong impressions arriving thus the exclusion of everything what it is not inside of the formed concept already. The lack of love to the next one takes the society to exclude, when we love we try to understand, to accept the differences options and opinions. The fear what we do not know what it is different makes with that let us prevent everything what in the cause this feeling, excluding it of our lives. Humanity, love to the next one prevents that if she lacks with respect stops with the next one, when has humanity respects the other independent one of its choices. When the society to leave of side its myths and fears, starts to respect and to love the next one as itself exactly, the society will become more tolerant preventing thus the exclusion of its fellow creatures..

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Life Events

They say respect to the dramas of felt or meanings for which each one of us passes throughout a life. Read additional details here: Andrew Cuomo. They are our affective losses or our affective profits and are part of what we are, say on the material of that each one of us is made. Inside of this direction, the souvenirs serve in them as consolation when restituting the last images its presentificao. The directions and meanings for which we contemplate the memories that constitute in them as people, are real they or imaginary they are always to be made interpretation, a perpetual and uninterrupted invocation, therefore the souvenirs alone exist at the accurate moment where we remember it. The common sense in them bequeaths the dictated one of that ' ' If the life to give a lemon to it, makes good limonada' ' nothing more real and true. er. But what it means this phrase if not to attribute a substitution of sensible to the events of the life? What it means to say that instead of living one definitive experience as negative, painful, limiter, rancorosa contemplates it of another form? ' ' crises are moments of oportunidades' ' that also they are known in society without writing as ' ' rituals of passagem' '. This idea of crisis as chance does not make no direction for me, not to be that it substitutes the attributed direction the idea of ' ' crise' '.

Then, the moments where I do not support myself in same me, where everything loses direction, where I am spacious and my limits start to be constrangedores. It is the moment where ' ' crise' ' , ' ' passagem' ' if it installs. When we attribute to the daily things and the people the sense most trivial, tedious and tiring. At these moments &#039 is necessary; ' contemplar' ' these ' ' remaining portions humanos' ' , ' ' fragmentos of one vida' ' to attribute a new it rearrange, a new disposal to everything this.

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