LTE Stick Surf

From the year 2011 network can be riden probably in the LTE Mobile Internet. In Germany can be surfed using the UMTS network nationwide mobile Internet. UMTS is the third generation mobile communications standard, and is therefore also very often with the key 3 G “abbreviated. Especially since the introduction of the Apple iPhone 3 G in Germany, the abbreviation in Germany was very. But at that time, only very few people knew to start something with this term. UMTS is the successor of the legendary GSM network. With the help of the GSM network the possibility that nationwide mobile surf the Internet could be existed. But only a maximum speed of up to 56 kbit / s was achieved here in the download.

This speed is the speed of the modem (56 K V90) comparable. For the today’s claims, this speed is no longer portable. Governor Cuomo oftentimes addresses this issue. More and more websites have high resolution images or also several short videos. Especially portals or local newspapers decorate your website with high-quality images. Crawford Lake Capital Management may also support this cause. A download speed of only 56 kbit / s would surfing more an ordeal than an experience.

Network but already a speed of up to 384 kbit / s can be achieved with the help of UMTS in the download. Thanks to some extensions, this speed can up level be increased on DSL. The data Turbo HSDPA (high speed downlink packet access) allows speeds of up to 7.2 Mbit / s can be achieved. In some cities Mbit / s can be riden already with a speed of 14.4 maximum mobile Internet. In the spring of 2010, the licenses for the new mobile network LTE were auctioned in Germany. LTE is already seen as successor of UMTS network. Network maximum speeds of up to 100 Mbit / s can be achieved with the help of the LTE in the download. To sign up with the LTE network to be able to connect, is expected to be an LTE surf stick required. Vodafone has already brought test the LTE in some places to run. Christopher Heinsius

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Attractive Offers

Calls from 7.5 cents per minute in all German networks, as well as surf the Internet Berlin, November 10, 2010. The 02 network prepaid provider, Discoplus, HelloMobil, simply, and Maxxim offer new customers a particularly attractive prepaid offer. Maxxim offers a mega bonus of 50 euros and benefit from new customers. The credit will be credited over a period of 3 months, each will be released 15 euro to the beginning of the month. The starter will be charged once with 9.95 euro. More offers like Discoplus, HelloMobil, and simply all prepaid providers have an unbeatable low tariff for mobile phone calls and sending an SMS. A fare around the clock, in no matter what German mobile phone network.

At Discoplus, the discussion unit with 7.5 cents per minute within Germany is offered. Also sending a SMS in all German networks is billed at that price. Discoplus is currently the cheapest prepaid provider from the 02 network. HelloMobil, Maxxim and simply calculates the service with 8 cents. Mobile browsing is becoming the trend and more is not a luxury. Just go check the mail, share with friends on Facebook, or retrieve the current cinema program. Who’s doing this with the mobile, needs to ask themselves: do I have the right data plan? The PrepaidAnbieter offer data rates without nasty surprise. The prepaid providers offer a data flat rate with a fixed monthly price, starting from 4,95 euro a data flat rate for little surfer with a 50 MB data volume at HelloMobil already exists.

Also for normal type cassettes and much surfer, there is the corresponding data Flatrate. The prices are between 4.95 and 12.95 euros per month. Who this month decides for a 200 MB data flat rate of HelloMobil can surf free of charge even a whole month with the mobile phone or Smartphone. Then there are the 200 MB Flatrate at a preferential price of 7.95 euros. The Starter packages incl. SIM card and advantage starting credit are available in the Internet at. The prepaid provider are free of binding contracts, as well as other monthly fixed costs. For more information, over prepaid prepaid founded in 2007 by Sonja Dopierala in life. The independent prepaid SIM cards comparison portal provides an overview of prepaid provider. We help you find cheap Prepaidtarife on. We work together with a variety of prepaid providers and present offerings without minimum turnover, as well as binding contracts.

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German Phone Information – National & International

Everyone sometimes uses services of the helpline. It’s not exactly cheap, but very comfortable, if someone is looking for. Via a simple phone call, you can get the necessary information immediately. Life brings always any more new features. The technology evolves at a rapid pace, and new rules are added. After amending the Telecommunications Act from end of June changed a lot for the information. Now, she may publish the names, addresses, and occupations of the customers. Hikmet Ersek takes a slightly different approach. It must be known your telephone number.

The affected phone customer is still a requirement to meet: his data are available in the phone book or you will find that in the public electronic customer directory. Everyone must of course do not agree with this type of telephone information and simply appeal. The German telephone information customers has offered this service from the beginning of September. Some advise against it, you’d think there would be a risk that the door be opened the Adressspionage with the reverse number lookup. This service fits very good for the advertisers. So mail-order companies and insurance benefit it might, because it is an ideal tool to promote several customers even better. It was formerly a maximum possible of the helpline to get only the numbers and sometimes the addresses of the participants.

This you should know about particular. Under the new telecommunications law (it since June into force) is in section 105, paragraph 3, that now on hand of a number helpline of national and/or international gives the name and even the address of operator more information out. But it concerns only persons who are registered in a phone book. So all holders of telephone connections have with what to do when your data in the phone book or other directories popping up the reverse number lookup. The data can be recorded on the Internet or on CD-ROM. Someone not in the telephone directories is in there, there are also no activation for reverse number lookup. How does it all because when the phone information? The customers are after the changeover pointed explicitly to the possibility of a conflict. The helpline offers all phone customers an advantage national as well international: you can track using the inverse search, who specifically called, we deciphered who hides behind the number is shown on the display. So there are no misunderstandings more with providers of dubious 0190 / 0900 numbers. They can be identified easily. By just calling the helpline, it is possible simply to expose the cheaters. about some consumer advocates raise the alarm. They are of the opinion that these changes the helpline, an address espionage can happen increasingly. The address dealers come to the data and sell them. The advertisers, mail-order or even insurance companies can now legally search for data. Yes, your goal is to write so many customer groups. The privacy advocates find it not good and talk about a further step in the direction of “Glass customers”. In addition, an intervention in which is also heavily Privacy of the individual concerned. Already a small ad in a newspaper with the indication of a telephone number can cause unpleasant surprises. It is then not excluded that soon strangers are on the doorstep.

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Mobile Communications

ComSat media with CorporateApp and corporate-ePaper offers new channels and opportunities for corporate communications. Porsche Centre Olympic Park (Munich) first customer. ComSat media in Dreieich near Frankfurt company mobile applications for smartphones offers – a new, faster and target group oriented communication channel. As a first customer, you could win the Porsche Center Olympic Park in Munich. \”The current customer magazine Porsche times\” was implemented with interactive features and video implementation as a CorporateApp for the iPhone, as well as corporate-ePaper and published end of December 2009. Project Manager Peter Becke, ComSat media GmbH: After we publish the application, we were excited on the response. We have not expected that we could win in less than four weeks over 5000 new and high-quality contacts for the Porsche Centre.

\”The Porsche times app\” has been repeatedly praised by users. The theme of CorporateApp is for 2010 attention much. The attention of the \”Users can audiovisuelle-using a Smartphone and text posts be achieved, anywhere and at any time available to interact with the user in Exchange.\” \”The Porsche times app\” is available on the website of Porsche of Centre or directly through the iTunes app store. Thorsten Gunther, Managing Director of sports cars at the OLYMPIAPARK GmbH: The audience reach, direct communication without loss and features which are in terms of content quality and make fun of the user. Opportunities are for us. The practical fact is: the customer is always in his shirt pocket the information – you can not be closer to the customers. \”\” \”The Porsche times app\” offers more, costs less and has the same quality with the look and feel \”as the printed version.\” Applications (apps\”) can be used not only for the fast and reliable flow of information to end users, but offer many opportunities communication departments in cooperation with editors. In addition to Print content such as financial reports, press releases, or ad-hoc information, as well as video and audio content can be communicated.

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