Making Money

How to Succeed and Make Money: Own laziness. This is the biggest cause of failure, not only online but in real life. If you can not itself organize themselves and to overcome laziness, which in varying degrees, incorporated in all people – nothing will come of it. The network has a lot of fuckin ‘websites whose owners are convinced that it is enough for a pattern to write a couple pages, Create a free account with free hosting and all the people popret pleased by clicking on reklamke or buy any garbage. It is not necessary to believe in it, if you want to create a website – it must be valuable and informative, need promotion.

This is a very long process if you just create 2 pages visitors you will not wait for ever, not to mention the income! To at least of something in this world need to work a lot and every day! Unwillingness study. Internet is constantly evolving and what was important (revenue generating) yesterday, today may well be useless. Be you a beginner though, even though the person is already earning a network without a long learning does not do. What can we say about people who want to make the first move and do not have skills in web, they need to study, study and study again. Does not necessarily buy for the money tutorials materials, many of which do not cost a dime. In the network a lot of free information that will bring many times more effective than purchase books and courses.

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The Way

I think that is not in vain, because I write him already from his apartment. Believe it or not, but we bought it, for the most part, that on such money. And less than a year. In general, it is real or a bluff, to decide, of course, to you, but me personally, my apartment is an illusion does not seem – in the usual way I'd been saving for her God knows how long. So, I will participate in the fifth and the sixth and the tenth time.

By the way, I can share the experience – you're likely to ask advice from someone from your family and clever. Of course, hear the argument against the sea, it is a "pyramid" that the "scam", "not worth wasting time", "all that we have passed," a trap for idiots "and so forth. So when, a year and a half, you find a my next letter and it becomes clear exactly how much you have missed – ask for their wise men to compensate you for loss of profits in cash or buy the same apartment. Even better – let them deliver to you my own. Nothing but sympathy from the "native and close ", you will not hear. All we can be clever at someone else's expense. And about the pyramids, by the way, they will be right. Really – a pyramid scheme. Win in a pyramid, as is known, it is possible only under one condition – if you stand at the beginning queue.

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