Heartburn Medicine

New brochure answers all important Frankfurt, 06.10.2011 – heartburn can be harmless or dangerous. A brochure of the German health help provides detailed information about causes and risks, as well as the possibilities of treatment. In addition, it gives you concrete tips and includes a small self test. Heartburn is the most common stomach discomfort at all. Corrosive stomach acid rises and causes the typical burning behind the sternum and into the esophagus. A particularly annoying symptom, with which almost every 2nd German once more, sometimes less must grapple. However, heartburn is not just heartburn. So, it may be relatively harmless or but appear as a sign of a serious illness in appearance.

The reflux disease is dangerous. Because it threatens serious damage of the esophagus as a chronic inflammation (reflux esophagitis) or the Barrett’s syndrome (a change of cells). In the long term, even esophageal cancer can develop. In the majority of cases, but heartburn occurs on only occasionally as a result of gastrointestinal dysfunction (functional dyspepsia) and is then largely harmless. Patients should so know these two triggers and distinguish. To read more click here: crowne plaza rosemont. Because depends on the diagnosis, the risk and in particular the choice of proper therapy. A new brochure answered on 16 pages all important questions: what is heartburn? How is it produced? How to recognize the causes? What possibilities of treatment is there for reflux? When should a doctor be consulted to be sure? The brochure can be requested free of charge: German health assistance, section: stomach + intestines, keyword heartburn, P.o. box 940303, 60461 Frankfurt am Main.

Please enclose a stamped with 0.90 and self-addressed envelope (oblong format). Description of the company the German health e.V. is a non-profit association for the nationwide health education and information. The activities cover a wide range of indications and health issues. The Association provides its Services generally for the public as well as individually for individual patients in prevention and therapy. In addition the English health help trade-oriented operates and it is aimed at physicians, pharmacists and other health professionals.

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