Climb into the sky and see the land at its best wishes to everyone. However, not everyone can make this vision a reality. A couple of years ago, this feature was only for professional pilots. And to sit at the helm fighter, it was necessary in addition to receiving appropriate education undergo training on flight simulators. Therefore, an ordinary man flying a jet fighter seemed unrealistic desires. But now The situation has changed dramatically. Aviation and space tourism gained tremendous popularity in recent years. Say, space tourism could be an excellent source of funding for the industry in general.

This excitement caused by the fact that many want to try something new, something previously could not afford. Somehow, the majority now, even as a gift to choose, for example a parachute jump or fly the fighter. Habitual toys, flowers, watches, wallets for a long time over the pall. Any of us already know in advance that he will give. Therefore if you want to make a wonderful gift for yourself and dear to you people gave this gift that remembered for a lifetime.

You can purchase a flight on a fighter jet. How do you this option? Company Country of tourism provides the services its own customers, who, incidentally, will be as citizens of our the country and foreigners alike. Our company cooperates with the aircraft building enterprises "Falcon", which hosted and produced flight. This factory was established in 1932, and this time produced approximately 50,000 aircraft. Among which pride of place occupied by the well-known MiGs. Preparation of tourists to the flight takes place in several passes. After arriving at the airbase, "Sokol" and the passage of appropriate controls you are familiar with features of the internal regulations and plan your summer day, pre-acquainted with whom you can on the website of the Country tourism. " Then he will tour the museum aircraft factory. Then required to undergo a medical examination. Only after this you start fitting outfit, the passage of certain training courses and much more. After all these long-term, but necessary procedures, comes the most cherished moment – flight. The flights are conducted on a MiG-29 and MiG-31. Once, when the plane takes off, and will gradually gain speed, you will feel the unseen emotions that can not compare with anything else. The flight program predisposes aerobatic, so according to your wishes and well-being pilot will perform a spiral dive, corkscrews and much more. In general, the flight lasts 25-50 minutes. Before you open magnificent scenery, its unrealistic to forget. The aircraft touched wings of clouds, and then rise even higher, leaving a white canvas endless somewhere far below. Is that something could be great! Your flights can jiffies perpetuate through photos and video footage. So besides the beautiful emotions and impressions will be more real evidence.

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