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Today the headlines are full of ads advertising banks – 'Mortgage'! But not all the praise this kind of lending. Stand whether the banks as cheaters or people themselves are not well acquainted with the rules lending. In general, be that as it may, there are satisfied borrowers, but there are disaffected. Together, let us consider the important questions that will help you decide on either a daring move, or refuse the loan. Yet, before how to do this step, you should consider, can you manage without getting into debt. Maybe you will be able to fully podsobrat money independently. If your answer is – a categorical 'no, do not cope', then proceed to the second stage, which called 'choice of bank. " We will not convince you of the existence of a fair banks that will issue a mortgage loan on terms favorable to you.

The fact is that, as with any other organization, the banks can not operate at a loss, The bank earns a percentage. That some institutions are acceptable, and in some sky-high. Need to know that almost all banks are cunning in advertisements, since they appear not quite the same numbers that will be specified in the loan agreement. To lure customers, they are on different tricks. We can say that figuratively banks are divided into those who declare the whole cost, and those that manipulate the figures. Find out who is who, you can only referring directly to the bank and carefully reading all that you fall into the hands, and making pre-payments to bank employees. It is desirable to pay attention to the reputation of the bank.

Try search posts on this topic on the Internet, ask knowledgeable people. These efforts to collect information on your hand. Once you decide to make a bank loan, do not sign a contract until then unless you are sure that you can to repay interest and loans. After all, any delay is fraught with fines. The pledge and the time the loan is also important. If you aspire to get a loan in the shortest time, you should know that if more will be its cost. Cheaper or more expensive will credit also depends on the conditions of its receipt, such as surety bond. Now you can answer the question: 'Are we cheating the banks. "

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