Cabaneros National Park

Between the provinces of Ciudad Real and Toledo, 86 peoples occupying part of its protected area, the Cabaneros National Park has among its main objectives the preservancion of animal and plant species, old acquaintances (or missing old?) as the Iberian lynx, the imperial Eagle, Black Vulture or the Birch or yew. I don’t believe in the power of destiny, although some things force to rethink the philosophical principles of each one. One of those things happened here, in Cabaneros, when it wasn’t yet neither nor national park. It happened that, in 1988, thanks to the enormous efforts of environmental groups and pressure got stop initiative that was going to convert this old farm of the Lords of Montes de Toledo in a military training camp. Instead it became a national park. And not only environmental groups were going to thank, but it that way was going to save the ecosystem of Cabaneros, their species, its rhythm and its landscape. The hand of the man, however, has spread over the region, although in a manner moderate and sustainable. Sustainable because the fauna conservation and plant remains your responsibility; moderate, because the set of active and gastronomic tourism companies has managed to curb the own market impulses so that national park continue relying on props, visits and benefits for all species.

Entrepreneurs make money, visitors know the landscape and enjoy it. The animals are still alive. This balance, at times running, deserves, at least I think so, recognize the merits to those concerned him, starting with those environmental groups who have managed to keep it without changing anything, everything that it is much more than a change. On the other hand, finally, residents may engage in other trades, can reject a nuclear power plant, affording them a future and can, also, enable their properties to convert them into cottages and thereby contribute to the development of rural tourism in Ciudad Real and Toledo. A merit.

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