Steve Alpizar

In the companies you pay so that people can make appropriate judgments in order to solve problems, say a checkbook billing is lost, someone is perhaps overwhelmed by that fact and start to curse everyone by neglect and irresponsibility, while issue that kind of judgment is far from reaching a settlement. In the previous example another will make a different judgment will immediately begin to look for solutions, asked if there was a copy, how are the controls, where could have been forgotten, will call the places where could have forgotten, can make an announcement to give gratification, etc. What is the difference? The way in which the problem, facing Steve Alpizar mentions in the book changing our system of beliefs to succeed queel big secret for happiness lies in having order, goals and control of emotions and thoughts. People who are gaining great authority provided that they are looking for solutions and not guilty, of course that an analysis is needed to not make the same mistakes, but always with a totally positive attitude. You do not allow to lose the peace by any circumstances, this requires much practice and patience, but when you know to take advantage of all his life will win power, little by little we see how everything goes well. If the facts are presented not as you expected then to issue good judgments to remedy the situation, when one observes the success stories are given account that achieve victories does not mean not fall but rise and continue to achieve excellence..

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