States United Europe

On the shores of a ravine, / says a black, with zeal: / My God, who was white, / though catalan. Appear ipso facto behaviors of xenophobia, racism and expulsion, behaviors that should try to eradicate occidentales-sus including citizens – Governments, about people that come from economically weak territories and, therefore, have powerful reasons to emigrate, legally or illegally, to other richer. If you have two piece of bread, he gives one to the poor; the other sells and buy hyacinths to feed thy soul (Indian poem). West, on the other hand, needs the cooperation of Russia on issues such as Kosovo, Central Asia, Middle East, and, specifically, in latent conflicts with Iran and North Korea. Because we all carry inside our subconscious a dream, a dream deep and necessary: that Europe walk together for the construction of a European project, and with power of Attorney, to be able to replace us.UU. with reference to the whole world.

And it is that currently there are two Paises-china and Russia-which may become possible counterweights from a scale whose central point is busy, today, by the United States.UU. Undoubtedly, China is interested in establishment – in the field mundial-una durable peace, stability in Governments, in order to widely develop international commercial influence, which would particularly benefit its economy. China needs us.UU. and the United States.UU. China to continue to grow in its economic projects in the world order. China has understood that his current role – in the ideological field and politico-lo has lost. But understands perfectly that is qualified to make a powerful economic engine for the 21st century, and also knows that international instability of the Nations that form the globe is harmful to their interests economicos-sus business-walking to a large-tonnage cruise.

Russia, however, has become a European State hinge, which is filling their coffers with benefit of economic order obtained by the sale of crude oil and gas to European countries: namely the German Republic. Russia will try to appease the political conflicts of internal order that suffers, the four winds which are asking a political change in the short term. Russia may disrupt foreign policy estadounidense-la politician Mr Bush-, which will deal with the Security Council of the UN (United Nations) get a new support to demand that Iran abandon its nuclear ambitions. Europe has given samples after those two fratricidal as in 1914 and 1939-wars, of being a continent where there is freedom, where there is peace, where there is cohesion, where there is progress, and this is a dream, a dream that takes real become a tangible reality overtones. We must give a soul to Europe, been said? ngela_Merkel, the German Chancellor, whose country currently presides the EU. And it has every reason in the world, because the future States United Europe when they possess an alma-su own soul-will become a living being, and to live means dream. This is another dream that, God willing, will become a reality.

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