Skill And Success

Finishing works in the modern sense – a complex of difficult operations, requiring not only skill, but also special tools. Our ancestors are known to build their houses without a single nail – a good carpenter only with an ax he had to do everything necessary. Now it is much more materials and structural elements that need special treatment. For example, a hammer as a means of securing long nails morally outdated. This does not mean that they ceased to be, but where the quality of attachment is the determining factor, it is preferable or staplers. Not those staplers, which can be found in any office, but their close relatives. Such staplers can hammer nails and staples, the length of the legs are – and hence the installation depth – ranging from 4 to 25 mm. In recent years, the nails into the wooden structures are replaced by other means connection, which uses Perfect binding pistols.

Clay served at temperatures above 200 degrees Celsius, freezes for a few minutes. It binds not only the wood surface, but also any others in Depending on the type of glue, hard and rigid, or alternatively, flexible. Perfect binding pistols run by special cartridge adhesive. One size fits cartridge is 11 mm in length. For surfaces of thick cartridges are used up to 45 mm – for conventional pistol is the limit of possibilities. Industrial models can be used with the cartridges in length and 10, and 15 and even 20 cm is another kind of tools that use the temperature in the finishing work – Heatguns. Their second name – "technical hairdryers. This perfectly reflects the principle of their work – the hot air guns, unlike ordinary hair dryers, hair is not dried, and the materials, coatings, adhesives and so on.

The temperature of his work ranges from 50 degrees Celsius to 650, maybe more. The wider operating temperature range, the better, so a representative range of materials that can be dried technical phenomenon. A hence, one tool can perform more operations. Do not forget that the most important characteristics of the dryer also includes productivity (the amount supplied hot air in liters) and number of energy consumption – and it is usually large.

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