San Marcos Study

In order to carry out a market study it is necessary surveys, interviews, observation, comparison, poltica of prices of other similar products with which compartir the market, or to which eliminar in the same, that is to say, not is stage but process, which must be ordered to the specialists who are the marketeros, that in the best one of the cases must count on university studies on marketing, leaving certainty that in maestra of enterprise right of the greater national university of San Marcos teaches marketing, consequently the promotions of the same tendrn or contarn with people with studies of the art matter of study in the present, in such sense formarn competitive lawyers but for a more and more demanding market. That is to say, these lawyers encontrarn better preparations in the referred thing to marketing, with respect to other professionals, thus we hoped that in this maestra slight knowledge offer as to carry out a study of market, to be able to place or or a service in the market without problems of competition, prices, buyers, competition, among others very important subjects within marketing. 29. TOTAL QUALITY the total quality consists of improving the production improving the company, but without moving the structures, thus this theory is of application to the companies but you emphasize, of which the changes must consist slo in adjustments, thus it is clear that it deserves to consider this, that is to say, that structures do not move. The total quality is not just as the re-engineering, thus next we will develop this ltima to be to da with ltimas new features of the right of the company.

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