Rio De Janeiro

Companies as Coca-Cola and the company area Goal is feeling in its financial statements the positive results of the strategies developed in half digital. In Coca-Cola, the association with music was basic to reach the young, beyond the monitoramento on-line of the mouth-the-mouth is part of the success prescription. With the Goal, the flight plan is to invest in exclusive promotions, without counting in the plan of business paved in the sales on-line. The campaign ‘ ‘ Alive the Coca-Cola Side of the Msica’ ‘ it was the starting point to attract the digital consumers. Read more here: Macy’s Inc.. The mark created the Coca-Cola Studio that promoted the mixture between musicians as Marcelo D2 and Lenine, as NX Zero and Dribbled Novo and Pitty and Negra I read in programs special in MTV. No longer electronic address, had a series of exclusive contents, as propagated in a special one in MTV it gained body in the Internet with blog, brought up to date daily with information on the singers and bands, photos and videos showing the embroidery frames, among others. In the hotsite also it was possible to create personalized musics, mixing diverse sounds and styles, in accordance with the subject of the campaign, and to change them for the creations of other users, transmitting them for ipod or cellular. The campaign also was present in the MSN with a border showing videos and small texts, of where 45% of the visitors of the hotsite had left. ‘ ‘ The content multimedia was a basic aspect, therefore it was who generated subject, kept the cool subject in the head of the people and generated return to site’ ‘ , Adriana Knackfuss, Manager of Marketing of Coca-Cola Brazil, during I International Frum BORDER Petrobra’s of Digital Communication, carried through in Rio De Janeiro..

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