Under a quad a vehicle is understood to be the four most fat tire has and what can also be driven off-road. Rein superficially quads can be a motorcycle or moped called with four wheels. Quads are classified into the category of sports cars. The vehicle can be driven both for fun and as a hobby and as a business tool. Already in 192 a sort of primal agony for the Bundeswehr has been developed. The first models of quads were at first only three tires. The weight was positioned on the rear axle, since the weight of the driver was born. The front wheel was not charged almost and used to draw. In the U.S., there were many accidents because of the three wheels and so there was a ban on models. This led the manufacturer to equip the vehicles with four tires. In the run time, there were always improvements to the suspension and also the engine of the vehicle. It may have originally used the companion of farmers to assist in the work and later put the quads in theThe field of sport through. In some countries it is so that even be fought contests. Actually, the quad has come from America, as an off to Europe. A distributor or importer must quads rebuilt very expensive, so that a road authorization received. These lights, brake lights, parking lights and a tachometer to be retrofitted to standard. After a quad is not a bicycle, it must be driven in Germany with the license of Class B. That means it will need a car license. The minimum age is therefore 18 years. It does not have a damn how much capacity or horsepower, the quads. However, there since February 2005, the possibility that young people are allowed to drive over 16 years with the EU driving license class S also quads up to a capacity of 50 cm3.

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