Promoting The Site On The Internet

It is widely known that network users travel through it to find information of any kind. And the main tool that helps them in this matter are familiar to us all the search engines. No need to say that the presence of the first lines of the search for key phrases is a major factor in the success of e-commerce site. Therefore, all webmasters want to see your site in the first places in the issuance of the search engines. What can I do to make your site was among the first and what not to do so today and we will find out. To begin to determine what is most important for search engine to your site that is taken into account when ranking and how to line up search results. Firstly, it is important to the number of key phrases in the text and their location. Of particular significance attached to said searchers located the beginning of sentences and documents in the headline.

Plays a role, and the density keywords in relation to the entire text, it should not be too high than many like to abuse it. The second important factor is the credibility of the page. This concept was introduced by the developers of the search Machine Google, invented the pr – Google PageRank. pr (and similar to it being used by other search engines) is calculated as multiplied by a normalizing factor of the sum of the weights of all links leading to this page.

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