Professional Educational

To take in addition, in account some opinions that have been arisen on this subject, like that it indicates Trahtemberg, when he needs that the professors must to work but it last to encourage sustantivas interactions between the participants of the educative process. That one works in equipment. The educators must be facilitators of education and to toil with the effective dimensions of her, who they can ignore at the moment at which the value of the computer science of the education is overestimated. The educator must be designer of learning methods. On the other hand, one remembers to us, which comments Eduardo Doryan, who esteem that the educative systems must evolve fast and permanently so that through the formation of better to be human societies they find the answers to the challenges that present/display. And summary: To learn continuously.

Which the learning has become a challenge and it not only happens in the school or the university. It is a continuous effort? It must exist collaboration? It must of being competent and to have initiative? One is due to have brings back to consciousness of the paper that each carries out To it also comments Francisco Guerrero is due to consider, who the educational college students would be due to guide through the following directions: Professional direction. One concentrates in the qualification for all the functions of the educational college student. Personal direction. One is based on the change of individual attitudes and of the personal conduct of the educational one to improve the learning of the students through the improvement of education. Collaborative direction. The didactic qualification of the professor would carry out by means of the interchange of experiences and the information and participation in projects of educative innovation. Reformadora direction. Its intention is to use the programs of professional development as strategy to motivate to the university professors towards the improvement of the educative practice Is important in addition, to take into account, for example, which contributes to the Prof.

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