Origins Antonio

Origins Antonio del Valle Ruiz, president of Mexichem, has always referred to as an organization CMHN ‘discreet but not secret. ” The agency emerged in 1962 as a business strategy aimed at 12 to influence the economic policy of the government of Adolfo Lopez Mateos (1958-1964) and to influence the presidential succession. The CMHN established an excellent relationship with the governments of the PRI and its legislators. They had a direct line to the chief executive and achieved so much power that it even influenced the appointment of officials as the governor of the Bank of Mexico. His moment of greatest power was during the presidency of Carlos Salinas and the first three years of Ernesto Zedillo. However, the employers organization was not without difficulty. In 1997, besides that the PRI had no majority in Congress, the CMHN had to be reformed by the economic opening, and some founders, such as Juan Sanchez Navarro, just retired because of age.By 2004, almost half (19) members were recently CMHN income and including 11 not inherit their place of a household or business. One of the ‘lower’ important was that of Carlos Slim, owner of Telmex and Grupo Carso, who had left bodies such as the CCE in 1976, but during the administration of Vicente Fox their interests clashed with those of some fellow of CMHN. The current President of the third term is CMHN by Claudio X. Gonz lez.

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