Oraganizacion Defining social

Oraganizacion Defining social group composed of persons, and management tasks that form a systematic structure of interactive relations, tending to produce goods and / or services to meet the needs of a community within an environment so we can meet your distinctive purpose their mission. Organization: A system of consciously coordinated activities comprising two or more people, and cooperation between them is essential to the existence of the organization. An organization only exists when people can communicate and are willing to work together to achieve a common goal. It is a set of liabilities with rules and standards of behavior that have to respect all members, and generate the means by which the action of a company. The organization is the act to provide for and coordinate available resources (material, human and financial). It works by rules and databases that have been arranged for these purposes.Examples: Phone by alphabetical order, which is a database. Library topographically classified according to the CDU, which is a database, vehicle traffic and others as an Ordinance, which would be a standard and a production process according to a flow chart, which is a standard. There are several schools of philosophy who have studied the organization as a social system and a structure of action, such as the structuralism and empiricism. To develop a theory of the organization must first establish their laws, or at least theoretical principles in order to continue developing a theory about them. One way would be to classify and display different forms of organizations which have been most studied, such as administration or bureaucracy as elements of the organization and that also have been already well treated, such as formal and informal leadership.As a methodology, this is called Operations Research and the Social Sciences field is the field of study of sociology of the organization. A new use is emerging in organizations: Knowledge Management. In human ecology, community structure is an organization of functions. Hawley developed an outline of the structure of social systems based on five axioms: 1. Interdependence is necessary. 2. Each of the units in the population must have access to the medium. 3. Each unit tends to preserve and expand their life to the fullest. 4. The constraints on the adaptive capacity of a population are indeterminate unit 5. Each unit is subject to the time aspect. Typically, the organization is everywhere, which makes their definition or separate without getting involved in a particular application.

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