Optimizing Supply Safety Equipment Criteria

The market of security systems is growing by leaps and bounds. If you had to install an effective security system was expensive, and now the prices are lower, and managers understand the need for the system as a guarantor stable operation. At the present time, the question arose as to find a vendor who supplied the product to be price / performance / availability / delivery dates. Consider a set of criteria and try to optimize choice: I. Presence in stock equipment. One of the most important criteria. Usually possible to install the equipment is very limited and there is no time to wait for one to two months until the supply equipment.

Suppliers can be divided into four categories: 1.tovar almost always in stock. (1 point) 2.poisk and execution of orders from other suppliers. (2balla) 3.ispolnenie order only if the items in stock. 3 (points) 4.ispolnenie order after routine delivery. (4 points) What are the pros and cons. The first category is clear. In the second category, it seems that the provider take care of you and, in addition to an existing product he is trying to execute the order in record time through the purchase of goods from other suppliers, but there is one drawback – the price of goods to be purchased from third-party vendors may be somewhat higher.

In the third category, it all depends on the range, plus the fact that you clearly understand what hardware you have already purchased. The fourth category is ambiguous, the next delivery can be in two months, a manager and say slukavit delivery time. There have to choose or the presence of equipment, or a reasonable time delivery. II. Discounts. The criterion is an important and depends on various conditions, such as shipments, belonging to the installation company and others. Here, individual approach and weight of this criterion depends on the exposed conditions of the supplier. This criterion can be roughly divided into two categories: 1.Predostavlenie discounts (weight depends on the conditions attached to 1.3 points). 2.Skidki not available. (4 points.) III. Credit. Commodity credit is sometimes very necessary, but usually very differing conditions, so the two categories. 1.Predostavlyaetsya (estimated, depending on conditions, 1-3 points) 2.Do not available (4 points) IV. Delivery of the goods. Sometimes it is very important factor, especially when 414 Request-URI <a href='http://www.goaskalice.columbia.edu/1799.html'><a href='http://www.webmd.com/hypertension-high-blood-pressure/blood-pressure-cuff-too-large'>Too Large</a></a>

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