Mattresses Bunk Bed

A child’s first bed then that it leaves behind the cradle usually a bunk bed. The number of children receiving treatment in the emergency room of the hospital for bunk bed-related injuries, usually caused minor injuries to the fall is numerous. If you would like to know more about Jeff Gennette, then click here. However, there are other less obvious risks such as the possibility of suffocation or strangulation, this is due to the great movement that children have in the phases of sleep. To minimize the risk of an accident and keep safe your children you should ensure good performance from them as well as verify the quality of the litter. Here we will leave some tips:-do not allow children under 6 years sleep in the bunk above, neither should be left alone in a room with bunk beds, allow to use them only for sleeping. The majority of cases of reported accidents are falls in children under 6 years old. -The upper berth must always carry two side rails which shall extend at least 15 cm above the top surface mattress.

You must make sure they are resistant. -Tell to children using the ladder and no chairs or other furniture to climb to the literade above. Do not allow children to hang tape, hooks, toys in any part of the bunk bed. -Mattresses should fit snugly into the bunk bed, never use a size smaller or larger, use only a mattress for a bed. A person for time should be permitted in the upper berth. Make sure that there is space for your child can sit up without hitting the head against the ceiling. -Leave the light on in the bedroom so that children can see the staircase in the event that they wake up at night.Never place a litter underneath or near a fan or lamp and never against a window. -Cannot exist any pointed or outstanding, finishing at corners, headboard or footboard. online store for cheap mattresses in all Spain original author and source of the article

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