Margaret Thatcher

But the desliz causes diplomatic consequences, since they assumed the indigenistas, these have looked for the confrontation with Washington. The fact demonstrates once again, that the volunteers put in subjects that no they would have, they speak with the people mistaken on subjects that do not include/understand, in decline of its own organization, her country and the nation welcomes that them. The Body of Peace is the civil attendance to cooperate other nations, but more important and generous it was always the political, economic and military support of Washington, that allowed that we live better in a world. If the United States had not taken part in World War II, the world would be speaking German. After the war, the superpower became factor of world-wide balance before the Soviet nuclear threat, and defender of the freedom and the democracy against the Comunism. They were republican and democratic that chose to help to other towns disclosing the North American ethical values, that are enviable utopias for the majority of the humanity.

Wisely Margaret Thatcher said: Europe is product of history. The United States is product of the philosophy. Western Union understood the implications. The United States helped per decades countries that shared their principles and values, until arrived the White House a president who inmiscuy itself more than the others in the political intern of other nations, forcing the change of stable, friendly governments of the West, by extremist, enemy regimes of North America, alleging to defend the Human rights. Its name is Jimmy Carter, great facilitator of the ascent to the power of the ultraleft in Latin America. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Clifton Robbins. The fall of the pro-western governments under the pressure of Carter, brought with himself the dismal dictatorships of the Ayatola Homeini and Daniel Grouse.

The mediocre manisero used the money of Capitalism to intensify the neon-Comunism, and now it uses the Arab money to foment the Yijad. With Ronald Reagan there was a return to the sanity. The brilliant and charismatic republican leader, obtained through the dissuasion that the Eastern European countries recovered their independence. George Bush father, defended to Kuwait of the Iraqian aggression committing the disastrous error to leave to Saddam Hussein in the power. Lesson that confirms, that is better to devastate completely with the enemies from the moment in which they declare like such, and the reasons that caused the war are fresh in the minds of the towns. Bill Clinton was a good administrator, penetrated militarily against the dictatorships in Panama and Granada so that almost nor he noticed, and imposed penalties on the terrorist governments of Iran and Libya, but he left dangerous loose ends in Afghanistan where Osama was fortified Bin Laden, and in Pakistan where Abdul Qadeer Khan made its atomic bomb. George W. Bush had to fight with the first own ground enemy attacks, and to mount an unusual national emergency situation. The United States must face one more a harder battle today because its popularity is in favor of grounds, thanks to a large extent to the foolish pacifist speeches of the democrats, who try to hide the vulnerability to which the North Americans are exhibited. If we want to survive the fascism of the alliance leftist-islamist, Washington will have to maintain their presence in Iraq, it will be forced to bomb Iran, and will have to fortify his world-wide cooperation defending freedom and the western values everywhere.

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