Jose Orlando Melo Naranjo

Since that the has come to the fullness of his knowledge and the fullness of knowledge of all things. The only thing heard was her smile, then I continued my exposure. My precious sisters have always spoken them as women who are the sufficiently understood to understand any conception that men make in the world. Young people if they have brothers cannot deny them their knowledge, make use of the wisdom that is awarded to the philosophers who are not envanecen. 2007 Jose Orlando Melo Naranjo 19 to my mind Heraclitus les daria the following introduction to immerse them in the paradox of the evolution. by black conosco black and not white, white for white and not black. That black may well be white and white black. How relative substance.

Or by the connection of the black and whites hayo lo grey. Then split the gray then hayo black and whites. But without knowing the white and the black. We cannot know what grey. Since the gray is consequence of black and white. You imagined as prosigira Heraclitus. These things can be applied in theoretical physics. That is why I stress philosophers to study physics and physical philosophy.

Recently let show the relationship that I decided at the beginning, but if you look up to the smallest detail found same a great diversity of connections. A great writer tells us something wonderful about Heraclitus. And this concludes, in order to pass to other philosophers. Heraclitus, son Bioson, (or according to some of Heraclon of Ephesus) had its acme in the Olympiad 69. I get to do is extremely arrogant and dismissive. How it follows clearly from his book, which says original author and source of the article.

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