Internet Home Business

Domain A domain is the name of your Web site. The domain of my site is “” Domains very cheap cost, the. Com cost about $ 10 a year, with prices in some countries such as Argentina, are free. But if we have a business to sell to everyone I recommend a. Com. This is our first investment which can be covered quickly. To purchase the domain I recommend one of the most famous on the Internet: But there are several companies engaged in buying and selling domains. I use it and I can assure you that is very reliable.

Once we know which is the domain, we have to choose one for our site. For this I recommend a name that has at least one of the key words we use in our market niche. Hosting Hosting is a service that gives a company to host our web sites, so it is also called “accommodation.” There are many hosting companies, but at this point you should always use you recommend someone and that will ensure availability of services close to 99% time. This is because you should not afford to lose a sale because your page is down or is very slow to access. The one I use, and so far I have found very good performance is the same to create the domain. And if you got the advantage of both insurance contracts that make you a decision.

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