Installation System

In order to retain its air compressor efficiency for a long time, brought no hassle and do not become a threat to security at its installation must comply with basic requirements. Installation Rules Compressor depend primarily on the type of compressor. Typically, buying an air compressor with direct suppliers to manufacturing plants, you can get expert advice on installation, but it is better to prepare the room in which to operate an air compressor in advance. Choosing a location for an air compressor, be sure to provide easy access to the compressor for its management, further service. This way you save yourself from unnecessary trouble. In addition, the compressor requires a so-called “aeration”, that is cool. For compressors with low power, such as piston compressors, as usually sufficient to provide natural aeration – in a ventilated room warm air rises up and comes from the bottom upward flow of cold air.

However, if you plan to install on your production of a screw compressor with high power, then it must create a system of artificial aeration. Artificial aeration system operates on the same principle as the system of natural ventilation – warm air rises up and replace him from a hole located at the floor level up cold air. To ensure an adequate flow of aeration air duct system being built, which in some cases fitted with fans. Aeration provides the necessary conditions for operation of air compressors, proper aeration is able to extend the performance of your compressor. But besides that, you must also take care of compressor safety for your employees and your company. If some air compressors can be placed directly in the working area, while others strongly prohibited. If the sound of the compressor exceeds 85 decibels, it can not be installed in the working area. Air compressor with capacity over 100 kW must have a separate room. And installing an air compressor with oil injection is necessary to take care of his fire.

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