Increase Internet Traffic

Article marketing – is the most effective method to increase Internet traffic for three main reasons: a). Provides quality links to targeted pages on your site that increase the position search engines. b). Helps to ensure a high quality internet traffic directly from the article, consisting of prepared for the sale of the target audience. c).

Depending on the quality of articles, it can be presented at the first pages of Google search results and Yandex, under the selected keywords. Indeed, an extremely powerful tool for increasing Internet traffic, but how can you use it? formula Any successful Stateyny marketing company: 1. Conduct research. Find a high quality online resources: valuable in themselves, with a decent design, with high conversion rates. 2. Think of a theme.

As a rule, this step the author has already done. 3. Look for key words and phrases related to a specific product (service). 4. Find out which keywords and phrases to better use. For quick selection of words, use the results of statistical Search Query Yandex and analysis of the competition for keywords in Google. Well, sort of expression on which you'll be an article for the target page. 5. This is important. Score competition. Perform a search by keyword word, phrase drawn after the completion of the steps above and find your niche where you can really take a high position. Look for the 'exact match'. Take into account how many there are results for each phrase and use for the header only those proposals which are in the Google search is not more than 35000 results. Above this number of queries would be very difficult to position their articles in the top ten search results. More tailed key words you use, the more chances to promote his article. Do not forget to include the phrase 5-6 times in the content / body of the article. 6. Always make an attractive headline. You want the article stand out from the crowd? I propose never to copy the name of another article. 7. Drafting of the article. A few tips: make the content informative and interesting, avoid implausible information, including a link to the article (I am not referring to the signature!), is used as the anchor text, the exact name of the page. Make it so could find an article on the exact name in the search.

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