History of printing

History of printing on HP in 1984 are presented in the HP market, one of the most important developments of the company throughout its history. That year the company is developing thermal printing inkjet from HP Thinkjet. This invention marks the success of HP Labs in inkjet technology to miniaturize her to a higher quality, better operation and lower power consumption on printers dot-matrix “(dot matrix). In the same year he moved the HP LaserJet, which quickly became the desktop laser printer world’s most popular. The introduction of the HP LaserJet 1984 started a technological revolution in the printing area, resulting in more options for businesses, including print and color laser multifunction printer.Since 1984, HP LaserJet has become the gold standard of printing and globally recognized leader for its reliability, superior print quality, ease of use and peak performance. On 1 February 1988 makes its appearance the HP DeskJet, which debuts as the first mass inkjet printer with 300 dpi and up to 3 pages per minute without any special role. The family Deskjet printers are highly versatile products that are characterized by easily print from photos to documents, achieving amazing results. This team was created with 3 characteristics that distinguished it in the market and keep these printers as Favorite: reliable, compact and simple, making over 200 million users worldwide enjoy the highest technology in home printing. In 1994 developed the first HP Officejet printer, copier and personal fax, the first all-in-one market to the general public.From its inception until today, HP researches, develops and markets products for always offering the best print quality, increased performance and hoping that the user gets the result he expects in each of their impressions.

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