Healthy Hair

In addition, improperly chosen for hair care often leads to the Diseases of hair, like dandruff, seborrhea, hair loss. In order to determine your hair type, you can see a specialist or do it yourself. The second option is preferable because not always Even the most qualified person can correctly identify the type of hair and give the right advice to care for them. You can see their hair daily and, therefore, know very well how they behave under impact of various factors. So, what should pay close attention to? In the first place on the condition of your hair in the sun. This is the simplest and most affordable way to determine the condition of hair. If they shine and shimmer in the sun, it means that your hair healthy. The next thing to pay attention – the hair during combing.

Is it easy to comb passes over them? Confused about whether her hair when brushing? There is a hair loss? Also, notice how your hair shine. Pure sparkling shine – a sign of healthy hair. Dim and misty sheen suggests that the hair greasy. If you want your hair remain healthy and beautiful as long as possible, to monitor their condition to the time. Time saving light is also an important criterion in determining the type of hair. For example, greasy hair the next day after washing are dull sheen, while the normal form only to lose the third day. After analyzing the condition of your hair, you can assign them to any particular type.

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