French Invasions

In the period of the sixty years that Portugal was under the Spanish domain, Brazil was invaded by Holland, from 13 of September of 1598, which if established in Pernambuco and developed the sugar production, under the administration of conde Maurcio de Nassau. Ruined, however, Portugal financially it did not have conditions to banish the dutches and signed a peace accord, establishing that Holland could not extend its domnios on Portuguese ownerships, what was not fulfilled, therefore had invaded possesses in Africa. In 26 of January of 1654, they had legalized one treat one in the campina of the Taborda, in Recife, but the total surrender only occurred after the signature of the Peace of Haia, in 6 of August of 1661, when Portugal agreed to paying eight million florins, correspondents the sixty and three tons of gold, in forty years. With all the persistence of Portugal and Spain in colonizing the continent, the European nations if had felt harmed with the Treat one to Tordesilhas. Although wood-Brazil to have its value of commerce, of the spices with India still was much more lucrative.

Portugal had financial difficulties and assigned to the main noblemen the privilege to explore wood-Brazil, by means of payment of taxes. In this period, the Brazilian wealth were coveted by Frenchmen, dutches and English and sent ships with the objective also to explore wood-Brazil. Portugal created the expeditions bodyguard, but the Frenchmen if feeling wronged, had opted to the invasion of lands and authorizeed the ships will attack the Portuguese as indemnity form, beyond ordering the privateers will arrive in port in search of wood-Brazil. In 1555, the French protestants ran away from the religious persecutions, and had established France Antarctica in Rio De Janeiro, but they had been rejected by the Portuguese after years of fight, in 1567, under the leadership of Estcio de S.

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