Effect Gold

However, to ensure that the interior has been exclusive to his finishing is not necessary to seek some incredible material. All has long been invented, it remains only to choose the best option and efficiently carry out the installation works. Golden ceiling – a perfect opportunity to create a home, office or any room atmosphere and luxury to attract the attention of visitors. So in a hotel in China, its owners decided to perform an unusual ceiling, placing it in the form of two hearts of real gold bullion. The experiment culminated in an unprecedented success: the occupancy of rooms has increased significantly, and the tourists consider the hotel one more attraction in the city of Harbin.

Of course, no one calls to repeat the "exploit" the owners of the hotel, and the need for this no. Tape and Pinion ceilings with gold-plated bi-metallic fully capable to resolve the issue spectacular decoration. They are easily installed, thus forming zapotolochnoe space in which it is convenient are climatic and lighting systems, fire alarm, and the necessary wiring for them. An important advantage of suspended ceilings is that they install without first processing slabs of plaster and color formulations that completely eliminates the "dirty" stage. Thus, cassettes, and rail can be mounted even after the walls and floor.

To create a beautiful coatings can be used several types of decorative panels. Golden slats and tapes beautifully with white, black, red, blue, complementing the design and ennobling it. If necessary, any element The tiles are easily comes off and replaced with a new without dismantling the entire system. Wide range of shades of gold ceilings can achieve the desired effect with the implementation of the project designed the interior. Bright shining gold ceilings reflect light well and are in the room furnishings, which expands the height of the room. Matt panels and tapes more emphasis on the color component, stressing the warm tone finish. Antique gold effect most important for the facilities at the palace style. This can be a big living room in a house or apartment, lounge in the hotel room in a restaurant or cafe. With a variety of shapes and sizes cassettes and strips, the possibility of combining them with each other and with other elements of decoration, ceiling covering can choose to place any size and configuration. But, as with other materials for registration premises, suspended ceilings have to choose very carefully. When the external similarity they may have very different performance characteristics. That's why for a durable, reliable, durable ceiling coverings should buy only products approved manufacturer. Geipel company for over 15 years develops and manufactures various types of suspended ceilings with smooth and perforated surface. Effect Gold deposition is produced by chemical polishing bimetallic coating on an aluminum base. As a result, the product is easily cleaned with conventional sponge soaked in soapy water, do not fade in the sun, not require the handling of special structures and maintain an attractive appearance for many years. A pleasant surprise was the announcement by Geipel discounts on cassettes and panels with the "gold" finish. Until the end of October, all those who planned to use in the interior gold mirrored ceilings can buy them at 25% cheaper, and the discount rack at the golden ceiling is as much as 30%!

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