Double Pleasure With Certified Coolness

Climate protection with art and art of living as a Christmas present in Munich, November 29, 2010 – finally makes a Christmas gift, at the same time, joy and sense. With gifts of the company of certified coolness, you combine climate protection with joie de vivre. You compensate for CO2 emissions, buy art and the art of living and get practical tips to permanently avoid greenhouse gases. About to download: easy, fast, easily, without waiting time and shipping costs. Whom is not sensual, which can have nicely packaged home sent the gifts naturally CO2 neutral. The CO2 compensation of certified coolness are secured exclusively by certificates, which are issued by the United Nations in the framework of the legally prescribed emissions trading. “Everything tested and officially: the so-called CE certificates”, as the certificates among professionals are called, come in the trade, if the emissions are already reduced and has been recorded in public registers. All projects are carried out only in emerging markets.

This promotes the development of low-carbon energy infrastructure as well as the transfer of technology. A useful additional effect of your Christmas gift! And here’s how: you buy online at CO2 compensation in small portions of 250 kg (9,96), 500 kg (19.92) or 1,000 kg (39,84). 500 kg CO2 correspond to for example about 2,150 km car ride or flying from Munich to Berlin. “To do this you can choose art and life art: photos, videos, illustrations, stories, dishes with stories, etc. contact Arturo Amorim (alias Mr. cool ness) Managing Director of certified coolness limited Zweibrucken str. 8 VH 80331 Munich Tel: 089 54506938 E-Mail: about certified coolness the company was founded around the topic of climate and environmental protection from the Musli corner” to pick up and bring it to the center of society. Certified coolness is private and business customers the possibility, CE certificates at the UN To participate in financing CO2 offset projects in emerging markets and to offset own CO2 emissions: safe, transparent and simple.

Everyone in the portions as he or she wants: no complicated calculations, but self-determination. Business leaders are also known as Mr. Arturo Amorim cool ness and Dr. Renate Muller. The company headquarters is in Munich.

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