Dominican Republic

According to the police part, the total of accidents registered in the Dominican Republic of the 1 of January to the 30 of June of this year ascended to 10,747; taking place 807 mortal victims and 835 traumatisms by sinisternesses in the routes. Of the deaths happened in the streets and highways less than a 15% correspond to women, so that this it is a point of very important later study. Nevertheless, it is worth the pain to emphasize by the high index that is registered that the most vulnerable users of the national road network are the motorists and the pedestrians, reaching lifted numbers considerably, 446 and 181 fatalities, respectively, near 78% of the deaths produced in the routes during the first semester of year 2008. Which induces to draw up governmental policies directed to the most fragile sector directed toward reducing the road violence. In the month of March of this year he was when I write down the greater amount of victims in motorcycles throwing a total of 100, this seems to be a constant because with the previous years the behavior is similar. Whereas in other months of the semester at issue it throws the number average of 70 deaths in motorcycles; superior to two victims per day. To that it obeys that enters the month of February and April they produce distortions in the frequency of the road sinisternesses to the detriment of the population? Equal behavior registry with the pedestrians. A total of 38 victims by atropellamiento in the month of March of this year, and a monthly average in the other months of the semester of 29 deaths by impact to pedestrians. In order to simplify the causes of deaths in the public thoroughfares we have classified them in three: By collision, shock or impact; by sliding of the vehicle in the pavement and by atropellamiento to pedestrians, having in the first semester of this year that passes, 477, 147 and 181, respectively.

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