Cultural Activities

this entrance of the educational field in the quarrel on the medias already is delayed, in view of the paper that they come exerting in the formation of references for the new generations. Per many years, the Education if worried in working its curricular aspects and of general organization, assuming that constitua as an institution with being able to transform the mentalities, to transmit culture and to promote the socialization. However, it has other fields that come if constituting as instances of socialization and knowledge transmission: one of them is the communication. That is, the information does not circulate only in the supports conventional printed matters and the school, but it exactly has innumerable spaces and institutions that divulge ideas, information and norms of behavior, that do not have the education as primordial function. It is necessary to recognize that the technological development, the formation requirements, the magnifying of the agencies that they intend to educate the citizens, the forms of communication of new knowledge, are questions that cross the educational politics, the classroom, the initial and continued formation of professionals of the education, in way that the knowledge and values transmitted for the media can be objects of critical reflection.

The education when using itself of the media and its products passes to the recognition of the approach with the reality of the pupils, therefore they are part of its daily one, and such approach if it becomes important in the measure where, it modifies the previous knowledge of the pupils on some subjects. At a moment where the study of the medias it constitutes a field in expansion, and that to take them as analysis object it is a challenge for the formation of the user, either professor or pupil, or another one any citizen. Conclusion Concluding, ahead of this situation, is necessary to take half as study object and also to use them. To read more click here: Governor Cuomo. This implies to take our proper process as using of the medias as reflection object. If it cannot forget that public spaces of convivncia, exchange to know and participation exist politics in which we can exert our citizenship, and that they demand direct contact with other citizens. It is therefore that the participant citizens of the public life, for other ways, talvs have conditions to discover, to question the quality of the information and the messages, in view of that practical the social one can oppose it other forms of representation of the reality, ampler than the mediated one for a type of technology. The relations between Education and communication are narrow, and are necessary that the ways of being and acting of the educators, communicators, informticos are understood and of that if cross in the production or consumption of the ways. This because public spaces exist to be conquered in the magnifying of the paper educative, of the schools and other ways.

These areas can dialogue and produce meetings, searching to become, as much the education as the communication, public spaces of cultural enrichment. On the other hand, with its critical different practical ways and also they can exert profcuas between itself. REFERNCIAIS BRUCK, M.S. Radio and television. Electronic and cultural media in the Brasil.VEREDAS: Superior formation of Professors. Guide of Cultural Activities I. Belo Horizonte: State secretary of the Education of Minas Gerais, 2002. COMMENTARY: The present article emphasizes the necessity of boarding of the ways in the Education, considering the period where we are living. Thus one concludes that she is necessary to take the ways technological as object of study and our process of user them medias as reflection object.

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