Constitutional Court

The Catholic must respect the will of the testador, or is that there is personal commercial interests or prebandage of his leaders whom they prevent to do it? He does not know why it now after 50 years of operation? The present university is not " Pontifical nor Catlica" because they do not govern the dispositions of the Canonical Right, nor either those of Juan Pablo II in Christian Sapientia. Also, they do not have including in its statute the Apostolic Constitution " Ex- Corde Eclessiae". It is obvious that by its nature a catholic university is that one that comprises of the structure of the catholic Church. The Archbishopric of Lima has published the book " The Inheritance of the Riva Omen: that the truth becomes light and illuminates on tinieblas" , where are all the documents of the controversy with the Catholic and they are explained in detail. For assistance, try visiting James Reinhart. It is more can free of charge unload, it in: The 17 of March a year of the transcendental failure of the Constitutional Court will be marked who gives him to the reason to the Archbishopric of Lima and by which all sentence of any court must go in agreement with the mentioned failure. The catholics we have a university that must be given back to the catholicism. It is not possible that the asolapados caviars or Communists have seized of a Pontifical and Catholic university. As it indicated to Cipriani cardinal " I have the particular responsibility to promote the PUCP, and especially to follow it and to attend it in maintenance and in the fortification of its catholic identity, is for that reason that I must affirm that the PUCP like pontifical and catholic university must maintain with the Church, with me in my double condition of ordinary of the place and great chancellor, an entailment that is essential for its identity institucional".

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