Capitalism is the always renewed generation of the class, always renewed classification of the people. Marx clarify east point in the analysis that realises of the accumulation in Capital DAS (bowl I, pag.578 and 712): the capitalist process of production, considered in its interdependence or like process of reproduction, then, not only produces merchandise, not only it produces plusvalor, but it produces and it reproduces the same capitalist relation: on the one hand the capitalist, by another side the employee. In other words, the existence of the classes and its constitution cannot be separated: saying that classes exist meaning that they are in process to be being constituted. The Constitution of class can be seen like the separation between the subject and the object. Capitalism is the daily repetition of a violent separation of the object with respect to the subject, the daily fit of the object-creation-product to the subject-creator-producer, the daily confiscation with respect to the subject not only of its creation, but also of its act of creation, its creativity, its subjectivity, its humanity. The violence of this separation is not characteristic exclusive right of the first period of Capitalism: it is the same heart of Capitalism. In order to say it of another way, primitive accumulation is not only one characteristic of a previous period but he is central for the existence of Capitalism. The violence whereupon takes place the separation of subject and object, or the classification of the humanity, suggests reproduction is a equivocal word insofar as the image of a process is suggested that is repeated subtly, something that is repeated and it is repeated, whereas the violence of Capitalism suggests it repetition of the production of capitalist social relations is always at issue. Summary: of Libro Class-Fight; Social antagonism and Critico* Marxism original Author and source of the article.

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