Conditions for a civil war are not I This – noting at the same time that all the days water that seed. I’m not Oracle to guess the future and know in advance if that dangerous plant will grow, but I note that it is irrigated. Trapped between those who voter turnout they have as a single strategy and a regime that mocks the electoral results and imposes his will while preserving the tenuous democratic guise, it is necessary that the country begins to wonder about new and innovative outputs to a crisis that does not drag sectors to the cliff, but to the whole nation. Maintain the current frame, continue to elude responsibilities to say to Venezuelans who wins with this design in 2012 is an absurdity, as does the far-fetched arrogance of power that reaches the ends of the profiting from a natural tragedy not only to encourage social hatred but to advance on a project that only leads to the eternizacion of a man. Here it is not, then, a unit of a sector; is the unit of various sectors, chavistas and chavistas, dissidents of the ruling or those who still remain inside for lack of an alternative, even if they are seriously concerned about the direction that leads this process. It is an upper unit, one that exceeds to MUD or opponents. What is required is the convergence towards the Constitution of what they now call a front for national rescue that should be first aim the reopening of a real democratic game.

To reopen it there must be basic agreements. Respect for the rule of law, which implies cessation of persecution or abstention of them without valid legal basis, so that retaliations will not occur for old grudges. An agreement in respect to all social progress which has been achieved in this period and maintenance or creation of a real policy of attention to poverty and a careful review and without prejudices about the inherited legal box. Nothing excludes electoral participation, but she can only occupy the space where it belongs in an overall strategy, not be the same strategy. It is obvious that my approach depends on absolute respect to the legality. Needed is not to make an incisive list of agreements, the examples cited are enough to unite around the need for finding a way out absolutely framed within the existing constitutional text.

In my book the third option and others – I think there are enough concepts about a 21st century democracy to discuss the political project that we wish, one that goes beyond the simple traditional democracy. It is my call to the country, that is, a call to a top unit where the participation of sectors of the most varied trends under the conviction of the need for reopening of the spaces of freedom, participation and respect. Chavez and chavistas does not have a serious problem called Hugo Chavez front.

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